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And so the fabled Bloodstock Open Air Festival is once again upon us, with just over a month to go and buzzing fans planning out their days takings, we at Global Metal Apocalypse thought about giving you all a helping hand with that with a handful of bands we have got our sights on - from the New Blood to the Ronnie James Dio stage, we have got you covered.

Giving each band a unique analysis on the style they play, what feats they've already achieved (some crazier than at first thought) and why you should check them out at Bloodstock, whilst linking you to their latest albums for purchase (for pre-listening and potential band-signing).

Metal is truly global and we are proud to be the forerunners of giving global metal the ultimate exposure, let the Bloodstock apocalypse begin...

1. Jasad & Burgerkill

This is a bit of a cheeky selection, by having two bands who both hail from Indonesia, it's like killing two birds with one stone. Both bands have been tearing down their native Indonesia for the last 2 decades, with Jasad forming around 1990 and Burgerkill in 1995. For the vastness of the scene, the sub-genres that dominate seem to be Thrash Metal and Death Metal, and these two bands are no exception, having recently picked up the Metal Hammer Golden God award for "Metal As Fuck" in 2013, Burgerkill will no doubt bring their gritty style of Indonesian Death Metal and westernized Metalcore. Jasad in contrast go a notch heavier with their own form of Brutal Death Metal and correlates with their band name meaning ('Corpse' in Indonesian; 'Soul' in Malay). Both bands will be performing on the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Saturday.

This is perhaps the first time any Indonesian Metal band has set foot ashore on British soil and so this will mark a hugely historic moment not only for said metal scene, but Bloodstock itself as the festival prides itself in giving international metal a platform to bring the party from the most far flung nations.

Jasad's latest album: "Rebirth of Jatisunda" - get this from Severed Records here
Burgerkill's latest album: "Venomous" - get this from eBay international here

2. Hexis

Black Metal vs. Hardcore? We know Deathcore caused a stir when it emerged but can 'Blackcore' avoid that fate? Hexis believe so, and going on the strength of their music video "Tenebris", this eccentric Danish unit have record-label-signing stamped right across their faces. Not much is known about this lot and so the thought of said genre combination making an appearance on the Friday on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage will surely attract a sizable crowd. Combining Bloodstock with a short UK tour (5th-8th August - Bournemouth, Bristol, Bloodstock & Hull with Oblivionized; except Bloodstock), you would not want to miss this genre-bending bunch.

Hexis' latest album: "Abalam" - limited to a 1000 so be quick to get one from Musicfearsatan here

3. Scarred

The Luxembourg Metal scene finally makes its mark on British soul with this Death Metal unit raring to unleash themselves upon the masses. Having made themselves a pedigree on the festival circuit via performances at Wacken Open Air and Metalcamp, they will surely not disappoint this time. Further to their Bloodstock appearance, they will be performing at Sonic Visions on 12th November with a host of other fantastic bands including fellow countrymen Retrace My Fragments of whom we reviewed their latest album. As for Scarred, this will be a historic moment too for the Luxembourg Metal scene, given it's small size. Be sure to make a note in your diary: Scarred @ Bloodstock, Sunday 9th August on the Hobgoblin New Blood Stage.

Scarred's latest album: "Gaia - Medea" - get this from Season of Mist here

4. Dead Label!

We've been championing this Irish trio for a long time now (see our post in 2013 here; and here) and we believed in them, low and behold they play in Japan and return to sharpen themselves for Bloodstock. Oh and Claire Percival used to be our Irish correspondent, small world eh? Having paid attention to this group for a good 2 years now, we are pleased to see them being selected to unleash their infectious Thrash Metal amongst the Bloodstock horde. The trio used to be signed to the now defunct Rising Records, and now are signed to Nuerra Records. Thus they released their debut album through the latter record label and their follow-up album is due soon, you ought to check this Irish group out seeing as they are going places. They will not disappoint you. Confirm this statement on Sunday 9th August on the Sophie Lancaster stage.

Dead Label!'s debut album: "Sense Of Slaughter" - get this from the band here directly.

5. Winter Storm

Another successful partnership, we had the pleasure of featuring this West Midlands Gothic Metal band on our 'Tea, Crumpets & English Metal' compilation in aid of raising funds for the Animal Health Trust (https://globalmetalapocalypse.bandcamp.com/track/worcestershire-winter-storm-dark-awakening) and now they are set to play Bloodstock. So we can assure festival goers that if they check this band out, they will be truly treated to. Bringing an icy blast from their native Kidderminster, this female-fronted quintet will ensure the Bloodstock grounds turn into a huge ice rink for all moshers to freeze at the sheer force this band musters. We dare you to prove us wrong by checking the band out on Friday 7th August at the Jagermeister Stage; perhaps their serving the ice for the Jager shots?

Winter Storm's latest album: "Within The Frozen Design" - get this from the band here directly.

6. Within Temptation

Of course we could not exclude perhaps the most exciting headliner this time round, for one reason only. Xzibit. Come on, when WT released the song 'And We Run' it garnered so much attention, positive and negative, it positioned itself as probably the most controversial song ever done by the Dutch symphonic veterans. Speaking of Dutch bands, do check out Delain who will be playing the headline slot on Friday on the Sophie Lancaster Stage. This is a real treat for two reasons, one there seems to be a healthy aroma of Gothic Metal going about this year and also this is a UK exclusive, which means that this is the only show they will be playing in the UK this year, oh do we hope they've managed to sneak Xzibit in, that will be one historic moment not only for metal music, but for Bloodstock Festival... in da hood brutha. Be entranced by the Dutch veterans on Saturday 8th August as they tear down the Ronnie James Dio stage.

Within Temptation's latest album: "Hydra" - get this from Amazon UK here

Now let the metal do the talking and watch out for more coverage from the GMA team as we lead up to the UK's best ever metal festival.
<![CDATA[Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015 - as it happened]]>Fri, 19 Jun 2015 15:06:20 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/metal-hammer-golden-gods-2015-as-it-happened
Remembering Sir Christopher Lee, a fellow in the film and music industry. R.I.P.

On a sunny day in mid-June, an army of metalheads congregated in London for one special evening of celebration, music and recognition of idols, newcomers and fallen brothers. Most notably Sir Christopher Lee CBE, CStJ, who sadly passed away at the age of 93 and of whom received the 'Spirit of Metal' award at the 2010 edition of the Golden God Awards.

Having worked alongside the likes of Fabio Lione (ex-Rhapsody of Fire) and Manowar, Christopher turned his attention to releasing his debut album entitled "Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross", proving to be popular amongst metalheads and film buffs alike, this was soon followed up by his second album "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" - thus making him the oldest heavy metal musician in history, a feat that is almost certainly unlikely to be broken.

Upon the announcement of his name during the 2015 awards, a short video showing him receiving his award was shown to the audience (which can be later viewed on Scuzz and probably YouTube), resulting in rapturous applause, whistling and clapping, as the night remembers a truly remarkable, awe-inspiring and dignified legend in his own right.

"I associate heavy metal with fantasy because of the tremendous power that the music delivers"

Sir Christopher Lee CBE, CStJ  (1922-2015)

So whilst the queue began to align themselves outside of the Indig02 arena, HMS Hammer was chugging her way along the River Thames with the first lot of awards-attenders waiting to disembark and make their way to metal's most coveted award ceremony of the calender year.

On the boat, the likes of Butcher Babies and Napalm Death tore the riverbed up and gave performances that were described as 'sensational' and 'heavy as f*ck' by passengers disembarking. Now it was the time for the rest of the attendees to enter and as people took their places, both down in the pits and up in the balcony area, the first band of the evening was rearing up, readying themselves to slay the crowd with their 80's Thrash Metal, it had to be Suicidal Tendencies.

Now whilst their performance was decent by anyone's standards, they had to ensure that the atmosphere built up because the band following them was going to be a hit or miss. So whilst Suicidal Tendencies unleashed a barrage of songs and Mike Muir jumping down to sing with the crowd, some discerning metalheads were questioning the next band to grace the stage. We Are Harlot, fronted by ex-Asking Alexandria vocalist Danny Worsnop, was waiting in the wings whilst ST signed off in style with a cymbal decking the floor, and then the time had come for We Are Harlot to show off their Hard Rock style.

Danny Worsnop and Jeff George appeared to share a beauty and the beast moment with their musical flirtations on-stage; this is a new step in Danny's career due to the shift in music style (from Metalcore to Hard Rock). We are Harlot certainly proved themselves to be the real deal and could become one of the most talked about rock bands in the next few years, ultimately this resonated in them receiving the award for "Best New Band". So here's hoping that they have a successful future as they earned this one thumbs up. As soon as We Are Harlot finished an electric set and made way for Metal Hammer's resident awards presenter to come back on stage to announce that the first batch of awards were to be announced, he invited the guest speaker for the night to take the reins, the one and only Scott Ian of Anthrax.

Bring Me The Horizon despite seeing their latest album "Sempiternal" become certified Silver in the UK and Gold in Australia, seemed to forget their manners upon receiving the "Best UK band" award, with Oli Sykes throwing his crisps into the crowd to the disapproval of those in the vicinity, perhaps he wanted Pringles and instead got Walkers. Sure the band deserved the award through their sold-out Wembley Arena concert, their lack of respect however was met by some muted cheering and shakes of the head by some metalheads.

With only a few words expressed by two of the members, one being Oli, it could be said that the band appeared disinterested about being awarded with such an honor. But for all of their negatives on the night, they cannot be robbed of their award as it was deserved.

As the band disembarked and left a divided audience in total disarray, Scott Ian was once again preparing to announce the winners for the "Best International band" and the "Breakthrough band" awards.

Slipknot who could not be at the awards ceremony to collect their award for "Best International band" sent a recorded video after their performance at Download Festival expressing how honored they are to be awarded this by the fans and Metal Hammer readers. Scott Ian even quipped "oh look a black clown", the quip took time to sink in but when it did chuckles could be heard across the venue, before dying down and the winner of "Breakthrough band" being announced.

Now this group deserved this award by far, there was just no way they could not be awarded it - it was the inevitable, Scott however before announcing the award remarked that the winners are shorter than him (and how big a hint that was!), they may be short but Babymetal have got a fantastic career ahead of them and we feel that they could become Japan's answer to England's Iron Maiden, USA's Slipknot, Germany's Rammstein, you get the idea. Coupled with their performance later on in the night, the whole feeling that Babymetal are some sort of a gimmick sadly did not wash away from some metalheads. But if they are a supposed gimmick, what do you call Slipknot with their masks? Rammstein with their pyrotechnics?, so what they are different? They are epic, period. All aforementioned bands are.

Diverting attention away from the handing out of the awards and to Babymetal's performance, it was simply electric. Backed by London's own beloved Power Metal horde Dragonforce, who linked up with the Japanese trio to write the song "Road To Resistance", this duel-band performance kicked off with a short introductory video regarding the 'Road To Resistance' (music video can be watched here) that mimicked and created a story-backdrop to the band's establishment and thus laid the path down for the song to be belted out, with Herman Li as always unleashing seismic riffs and solo's that he was practically born to do.

As soon as the new single had finished, Babymetal then followed this up with their unmistakable "Gimme Chocolate!" which utilizes a wide range of influences from Power Metal, J-pop, Melodic Metal and Japan's home-grown 'Visual Kei'. As the song bellowed out from the speakers, fans were enjoying themselves by moshing and headbanging, people up in the balcony area were standing up to watch this sensational group tear the Indig02 stage apart. Clearly they had justified their bestowed title of "Breakthrough artist / band" with such vigor that they parted the stage after their displaying of the devil's horns and appreciation shown towards the fox god.

Sadly Of Mice & Men could not be there to collect their "Best Live band" award and thus sent a representative to collect it on their behalf, however "Defender of the Faith" went to Tommy Thayer of Kiss and he duly went up to accept his award, this title is given to those who have achieved wonderful things whilst being in the metal music industry, this could be in or outside the world of music and for Tommy Thayer this was in recognition of his philanthropic work, particularly his work with sick and injured children, his support of America's armed forces and to raise funds for the Pacific University's athletics programs.

The next awards were announced by a legend in the rock music world, not only as one of the finest rock musicians the UK has produced, but also a well respected figure in the astrological sciences, one Dr. Brian May. The first award to be announced by Queen's guitarist was the "Spirit of Hammer" award, this award is given to an individual or group who Metal Hammer see as a true spirit within the metal music world and this year it was awarded to a fellow doctorate of Brian May, one Matt Taylor.

Matt Taylor was solely responsible for landing the Rosetta spacecraft on the 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet, he is also a huge Death Metal fan but it is his achievement that was hugely acknowledged through being awarded the "Spirit of Hammer" award. Then came another surprise, not only was Brian May announcing an award, he received an award of which was announced by Matt. Brian had been awarded the title of "Riff Lord". Both walking off to the sound of 'We Are The Champions'.

Having performed on the night is one honor, but like the other bands playing on the night, Suicidal Tendencies front man Mike Muir picked up a gong, simply the "Icon" award - which evidently stands for those becoming icons within the metal music industry. He invited the entire band on stage and this meant it felt like the entire band belonged to this award, long and behold after they had left the stage it was the turn of Gene Simmons to enjoy the celebrations and deliver some antics.

Gene certainly thought Scott looked dapper wearing his sunglasses and I have to agree, so Scott next time Anthrax play Bloodstock, please wear those sunglasses, please? Of course tonight was about being dapper, smart and celebrating metal, so it was time to celebrate Gene Simmons being awarded the "Legend" award. Let's face it, here is a guy who lead Kiss to international stardom alongside his brothers and it is Gene who also like his band mate Tommy Theyer followed the philanthropic route having done work in Africa and reflected back on his Israeli heritage, specifically his childhood.

As the first part of the awards drew to a close, as mentioned earlier Babymetal and Dragonforce electrified the venue with their insanely-tight J-pop / Power Metal combination. Here's hoping these two bands do a tour together some day.

Sadly At The Gates, despite all their might and excellent career could not find the right note to carry on the exciting evening, no matter what they tried they simply were not convincing during their performance and seemingly left a fair swathe of the audience disappointed, let's hope they find their feet next time round. Soon it was time for the second award batch to be announced, and Scott Ian decided to retire for this next one.

Announcing the winner of the "Best Underground" band was done by Cradle Of Filth & Devilment front-man Dani Filth. Sporting his new look, Dani cracked a few jokes here and there but ultimately was pleased to award the "Best Underground" band category to fellow British metal compatriots Winterfylleth, of whose meteoric rise saw them release 4 albums, perform at numerous festivals including Bloodstock and Wacken amongst others. Sadly this year Mark Wood left the band after 6 years service, but still the band was met with rapturous applause and quite rightly so as they look and are set to carry on leading the British Black Metal scene to new-found glory.

Scott Ian returned as Dani Filth left the stage and carried on announcing some more winners, the "Dimebag Darrell 'Shredder' " award was given to Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest. This was soon followed by the "King/Queen of the internet" award, this award goes to anyone who creates a video of themselves doing something clever, insane or downright whacky and ends up with their video(s) going viral, sadly the DIY demolition guy did not win although Scott Ian wanted to see the video once again, saying that he felt the video was "insane" and added "try building your house like that", from which the quote was met with prolonged laughter. But the award went to the '10 second song guy' and was presented by Duff McKagan.

The next category, the "Best Album" award was awarded to Faith No More and their album "Sol Invictus", this was soon followed by....

the award for "Best Independent Label" and this went to Epitaph Records, which was collected by Parkway Drive's Winston McCall on the label's behalf.

Now the next award is one we are truly proud of ourselves, given that we were the first to acknowledge this band's existence and have been lauding them since the start. The fact being that District Unknown has won the "Global Metal" award has not only made me very happy, but also it's excellent for the Afghani Metal scene. Not only does this mean the scene has been recognized, but given it's locality only Yo Khalifa could attend (as he is actually studying in the UK) alongside film director Travis Beard of whom originates from Australia but lives in Kabul, Afghanistan.

In fact it was down to Travis, that this band now exists. (Global Metal Apocalypse will be interviewing both Yo Khalifa and Travis Beard in the next few weeks). Last year the band released their debut album "Anatomy of a 24 Hour Lifetime" and this year they are subject to a metal documentary called "Martyrs Of Metal". We expect more from this group in the years ahead.

Fresh from their performance on HMS Hammer, both ladies from the Californian band Butcher Babies were excited to present the next award. The fabled "Inspiration" award was given by both Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey to At The Gates, this marks a milestone in their broken 25 year career (marred by hiatus').

The final award of the evening was perhaps the most exciting of the evening, simply put the "Golden God" award is the crème de la crème of the evening and is the most coveted award. This year the Metal Hammer Golden God award went to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, having blitzed last year at Bloodstock and celebrating a phenomenal career, this award was coming, it was meant to be. The question is, who will it be next year? Our top 3 bets are Ozzy Osborne, Alice Cooper or Trent Reznor. We shall see, as soon as the awards finished it was time for one last band, the infamous Killing Joke.

Jaz Coleman still has the vocals of a god and whether you like Killing Joke or not, they are truly a monumental band none the less. Killing Joke certainly closed up what was a night full of excitement, drama and jokes. From Scott Ian donning Gene Simmons' sunglasses, to a bitch fight in the crowd below and from the likes of Ash Costello of New Years Day and Jasz Vegas making an appearance to Alexander Milas the editor-in-chief and 'Dark Lord' opening the evening celebrations, the Metal Hammer Golden Gods once again have proven themselves to be THE metal awards ceremony of the calendar year. (Sorry Kerrang)

Well that's it, all that's left to say is congratulations to all the winners and nominees, thanks to the hosts for a wonderful evening and of course the Indig02 arena for staging this wonderful event.

Who will the winners of the 2016 edition be? Who will be performing? Only time will tell.

Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2015 winners:

  • Best Album: Faith No More - Sol Invictus
  • Best Independent Label: Epitaph Records
  • Best International Band: Slipknot
  • Best Live Band: Of Mice & Men
  • Best New Band: We Are Harlot
  • Best UK Band: Bring Me The Horizon
  • Best Underground: Winterfylleth
  • Breakthrough: Babymetal
  • Defender Of The Faith: Tommy Thayer (Kiss)
  • Dimebag Darrell Shredder: Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest)
  • Global Metal: District Unknown / Martyrs Of Metal 
  • Golden God: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) 
  • Icon: Mike Muir (Suicidal Tendencies)
  • Inspiration: At The Gates  
  • King / Queen Of The internet: 10 Second Song Guy
  • Spirit Of Hammer: Dr Matt Taylor
<![CDATA[Cancer Bats release new music video and tour with Danzig]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 23:00:01 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/cancer-bats-release-new-music-video-and-tour-with-danzig

Cancer Bats has released a brand new video for "Beelzebub" from their "Searching For Zero" full-length. View the video now here. The video comes as a precursor to the band's North American dates set to commence next week including a run with Danzig and Pennywise.   

Vocalist Liam Cormier admits that the band are "excited to be heading out with Danzig and Pennywise", declaring their love for both bands upon getting "into punk and metal" music and that to "tour with both is like a dream come true! We'll be ripping the pit and headbanging until we puke every night!".

6/17/2015 Cobra Lounge - Chicago, IL
6/18/2015 Turf Club - St. Paul, MN
6/19/2015 Park Theatre - Winnipeg, MT
6/20/2015 MoSo Rock Bottom - Saskatoon, SA
6/21/2015 International Beer Haus & Stage - Red Deer, AB
6/24/2015 Flashbacks - Kelowna, BC
6/25/2015 Garibaldi Lift Company - Whistler, BC
6/27/2015 Better Than Fred's - Grande Prairie, AB

7/06/2015 The New Direction - Fargo, ND
7/07/2015 Slowdown - Omaha, NE
7/09/2015 The Flycatcher - Tucson, AZ

w/ Danzig, Pennywise:

7/11/2015 Fox Theater Pomona - Pomona, CA *no Pennywise

7/12/2015 Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill Park - Flagstaff, AZ

7/13/2015 Friendz Bar & Zombie Burger - Amarillo, TX *CANCER BATS only
7/14/2015 Bayou Music Center - Houston, TX
7/15/2015 Aztec Theatre - San Antonio, TX
7/17/2015 South Side Ballroom - Dallas, TX
7/18/2015 Club Brady - Tulsa, OK
7/19/2015 Arvest Bank Theatre at The Midland -  Kansas City, MO
7/21/2015 The Fillmore Auditorium - Denver, CO
7/24/2015 MacEwan Hall - Calgary, AB
7/25/2015 Shaw Conference Centre - Edmonton, AB
7/27/2015 Queen Elizabeth Theatre - Vancouver, BC
7/28/2015 Showbox SODO - Seattle, WA
7/30/2015 The Warfield - San Francisco, CA
7/31/2015 Brooklyn Bowl - Las Vegas, NV

End Tour 

8/15/2015 Gwar BQ @ Hadad's Lake - Richmond VA

<![CDATA[Italian Death Metal horde Embryo tour with Nile and Suffocation]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 22:30:01 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/italian-death-metal-horde-embryo-tour-with-nile-and-suffocation

After the European tour in May with Melechesh, Keep Of Kalessin and Tribulation, and the Metal Open Air Fest in Plzeň (Czech Republic) on June 7th, Italian death metallers Embryo continue the promotion of their last self-titled album, released on February 10th, 2015 via logic(il)logic Records, through another European tour: the band will share the stage with Nile and Suffocation during the gigs in Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Slovakia. The dates are:

15.09.2015 Bilbao, SP Santana 27
16.09.2015 Porto, POR Hard Club
17.09.2015 Lisbon, POR RCA Club
18.09.2015 Madrid, SP Caracol
19.09.2015 Barcelona, SP Razzmatazz 2
20.09.2015 Marseille, FR Moulin
21.09.2015 La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH Bikini Test
22.09.2015 Florence, ITA Cycle Club
23.09.2015 Brescia, ITA Circolo Colony
24.09.2015 Ljubljana, SLO Kino Siska
25.09.2015 Budapest, HUN A38
26.09.2015 Wien, AU Szene
27.09.2015 Kosice, SK Collosseum

<![CDATA[Metal horde Butcher Babies announce album release date]]>Thu, 11 Jun 2015 21:48:38 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/metal-horde-butcher-babies-announce-album-release-date
Californian metal bruisers Butcher Babies have returned with their most abrasive and aggressive offering yet and while unrelenting, it also delivers crushing grooves backed with extremely catchy hooks. The much-anticipated new offering, "Take It Like a Man" (Century Media Records) was recorded in the Hollywood Hills with renowned producer Logan Mader (Five Finger Death Punch, Gojira) and it is set for an 21st  August release.
Butcher Babies kick off a massive European touring run at Download Fest in the UK this weekend and then will join Gwar and Battlecross across North America from August 25th to September 18th.
A new track called “Monsters Ball” can be heard here: http://smarturl.it/monstersball
“We all come from different places and backgrounds, but every member of this band had to fight to be the person he or she is today,” affirms co-vocalist Carla Harvey. “That’s the whole basis for the record. It’s not a gender thing. It’s the inner strength you have to find in order to pull your boots up and keep moving forward, whatever the situation may be.”
While penning lyrics, Shepherd and Harvey also opened up like never before. Blatant, brutal, and (sometimes) belligerent honesty was the only rule.
“You have to dig to get that emotion out,” sighs Harvey. “Metal heads can sense authenticity. They know when you’re real. Everything we write comes straight from the heart and our own experiences. It’s not cookie cutter bullshit.”
That openness has already turned countless fans into believers. "Take It Like a Man" espouses an inspiring final word.“We want to coerce feeling,” Shepherd leaves off. “If you’re a musician who does that, you’ve succeeded. We just want to inspire anyone who listens to us—and melt their faces off.”

Jun 14 @ Download Festival in Castle Donington, United Kingdom                 
Jun 17 @ Rock Cafe St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany                
Jun 18 @ Copenhell in Copenhagen, Denmark                
Jun 19 @ Graspop Metal Meeting 2015 in Dessel, Belgium                
Jun 20 @ Hellfest in Clisson, France                 

Jul 07 @ Le Splendid in Lille, France – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 08 @ La Rodia in Besancon, France – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 09 @ Hirsh in Nuremberg, Germany                
Jul 10 @ Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany                
Jul 11 @ Barrak in Ostrava, Czech Republic – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 12 @ EXIT-US in Prague, Czech Republic                
Jul 13 @ Randall in Bratislava, Slovakia – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 15 @ Conrad Sohm in Dornbirn, Austria – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 16 @ Substage in Karlsruhe, Germany – supporting FEAR FACTORY                
Jul 18 @ Divan Du Monde in Paris, France                
Jul 20 @ Metaldays 2015 in Tolmin, Slovenia                
Jul 22 @ Z7 KONZERTFABRIK in Pratteln, Switzerland – supporting TERROR               
Jul 23 @ Le Grillen in Colmar, France                
Jul 24 @ Fuorionda in Pavia, Italy                         
Jul 25 @ Festa in Tenda in Mortegliano, Italy                         
Jul 26 @ Bluesiana in Velden, Austria                         
Jul 28 @ Alte Seilerei in Mannheim, Germany                
Jul 29 @ Free & Easy Festival in Munich, Germany – FREE ENTRY!                
Jul 30 @ The Jack in Eindhoven, Netherlands                
Jul 31 @ Wacken 2015 in Wacken, Germany 


Aug 25 @ Mr. Smalls Theatre in Millvale, PA                
Aug 26 @ Cheers Pub in South Bend, IN                
Aug 27 @ Wooly's in Des Moines, IA                
Aug 28 @ Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE                
Aug 30 @ Granada @ Lawrence, KS                
Aug 31 @ Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK                

Sep 01 @ Alamo City Music Hall in San Antonio, TX                 
Sep 02 @ Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge, LA                
Sep 03 @ Soul Kitchen in Mobile, AL                
Sep 04 @ Iron City in Birmingham, AL                
Sep 06 @ Ziggy's in Winston Salem, NC                
Sep 08 @ Ziggy's By The Sea in Wilmington, NC                
Sep 09 @ Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL                
Sep 10 @ Track 29 in Chattanooga, TN                
Sep 11 @ Pop's in Sauget, IL                
Sep 14 @ The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY                 
Sep 15 @ Higher Ground in South Burlington, VT                
Sep 16 @ Reverb in Reading, PA                
Sep 17 @ The Paramount in Huntington, NY                
Sep 18 @ Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY  
<![CDATA[Bloodstock 2015 - May line-up update]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 22:22:23 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/bloodstock-2015-may-line-up-update

Feel the tension rising? We do, let's see. May, June, July, oh August.

Anyway there has been some more activity with BOA, with more bands announced and the M2TM finals truly underway. Confirmed so far from this lot include (days included - all on the Hobgoblin New Blood stage):

Friday -  Modern Metallers, Mutagenocide, Canadians Diatessaron and Welsh horde Piss Viper. Saturday - Codex Alimentarius (Groove/Thrash), Akarusa Yami (Prog/Tech) and Sumer (Post-Prog) Sunday - Taken By The Tide (Hardcore), Luxembourg’s death thrashers Scarred and Northern Irish hardcore monsters By Any Means.

Focusing on the SL stage, Messiah's Kiss will be playing on the Firday whereas on the Saturday, classic Thrash maniacs Annihilated will do the deeds. Joining them will be Death Metal antagonists Ageless Oblivion.

Cyber-Tech Metal futurists The Izuna Drop are shaping up to play on the Sunday, alongside the likes of Doom horde Alunah.

As for the Jagermeister Stage, Friday will see The Parallax Method deliver the goods, whilst one band who was included on our 'Tea, Crumpets & English Metal' compilation will make their voices heard on the Friday as well, that band being Winter Storm.

Saturday sees the former Status Quo support band Knock Out Kaine drop in on the Jagermeister stage and so this will be a momentous occasion. Moreover on the Sunday Blind Haze and Irish group Snowblind will also make their Jagermeister Stage appearances.

<![CDATA[Italian Deathcore merchants The Juliet Massacre stream new album]]>Wed, 20 May 2015 14:07:50 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/italian-deathcore-merchants-the-juliet-massacre-stream-new-album

Death/slam/core metallers The Juliet Massacre will release their new album “Human Abuse” on May 26th. In anticipation, the band is streaming the entire album a week ahead of its release. Listen the new songs at this link.

Vocalist Antomega shares the following about the new album: “Its long gestation period has meant that the successor to ‘Pray for an Afterlife’ appears to be faster, more brutal, more intense, but also more deep. We have written about how much the mankind likes to abuse and destroy everything, even itself, and how all this is leading us to an inevitable collapse. These are all tangible things that each of us savor every day and against which ordinary people can do little or nothing. ‘Human Abuse’ can be considered as an anthem to what actually the mankind should never be. We are totally convinced that this new work will satisfy all fans of the genre and, in some way, will satisfy even the most discerning ears”.

Recorded and mixed at Underroom Studios, 3 international guests (Julien Truchan from Benighted, Radim from Spasm and Alessandro Falà from Sawthis) and the precious collaboration of Gozer Vision on the artwork, “Human Abuse” is probably one of the most interesting extreme album of the year.

Pre-order available on the official merchstore.

“Human Abuse” tracklisting:
01. Human Abuse
02. Earth Annihilation

03. Chocking the Last Breath - feat. Alessandro Falà

04. Drown in the Dust 05. Suffering in a Lake of Solitude

06. The Tragedy of the Guns - feat. Julien Truchan

07. Beaten & Killed

08. Her Violated Body

09. Freedom of Speech

10. Slam Against the Injustice - feat. Radim

11. Gli anni di piombo 

<![CDATA[Bloodstock 2015 - April line-up update]]>Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:05:26 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/bloodstock-2015-april-line-up-update

April and a rally-load of bands are set to be announced to play Bloodstock, there are a plethora of bands so let's keep this short and sweet.

Hailing from London, I AM I are confirmed to unleash hell on the SL stage on the Friday, whilst Hang The Bastard will also join them.

Continuing the British contingent (like we said), the next band to be locked in is Re-Animator of whose Thrash Metal sermons will stir up a crowd like no tomorrow as they reformed back in 2013 after a 20 year hiatus, yes 20 years.

Fire Red Empress are raring to go and unleash their riffs of hell upon the masses whilst Danish 'Blackcore' mob let hell break loose on the Friday. Performing on the Saturday, Jettblack will be leaving the stage for Fleshgod Apocalypse to wrap the day up

Finally we are pleased to see that Irish Metal trio Dead Label will be performing on the Sunday on the SL stage, with Claire Percival being our ex-Irish Correspondent, we will certainly love to pay homage to her band.

Jetting in from Australia, Ne Obliviscaris will be itching to perform at their debut UK performance on the Friday, so it is already shaping up to be a year of debuts for bands at BOA (the most we reckon for sometime).

Friday also sees Silas make the cut, call them experimental metal because they proclaim themselves as a 'fusion of genres', you could place them under 'Hybrid Metal' too.

Saturday sees Indonesia's Burgerkill and Jasad perform on the SL stage, this will be a huge moment for both bands, but also their native scene and we can guarantee that one person will be proud of them. That being the Indonesian prime minister Joko Widodo who is an avid-metal fan. Joining them will be Mancunian group Pist.

Sunday will see Ol Drake laying down the law with his debut album having departed his old band Evile, also joining him will be Welsh metallers Triaxis.

<![CDATA[Bloodstock 2015 - March line-up update]]>Wed, 25 Mar 2015 21:50:21 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/bloodstock-2015-march-line-up-update

With March underway, there's only a few months left before the party starts, so lets crack on with the latest confirmed bands to rock Bloodstock.

Bringing the sludge to the fields of BOA is Raging Speedhorn, they will be spewing their sounds all over the RJD stage.

Joining them in being included in the RJD stage group, is the successful Xerath of whom are a starlight band in the Progressive Metal arena. This will be a return visit and will certainly be met with insurmountable enthusiasm. Their debut performance was a lengthy six years ago and will be seen as a cornerstone in the band's career.

Traveling across the English Channel from France is the Industrial Groove merchants Trepalium, now you might not have heard of these chaps before, but we certainly have. They will be burning down the SL stage on the Sunday, so be sure to check these hooligans out.

Joining the Dutch Metal and British Metal contingencies are Villainy and Godsized respectively, both playing the SL stage with Villainy on the Sunday and Godsized on the Saturday.

Bloodstock is never complete without a warm-up party, Thursday is designated thor's day as it brings down the lightning of metal, riffs, beer and sweat. Headling the day are the army mob known as Arnocorps, so get the green paint on and ladies don't forget to whip out the fishnet, black boots and busty corsets. We consider them a Arnold Schwarzenegger metal band, the one and only... one forever.

Lining the Thursday celebrations will also include Reign Of Fury with their infectious Thrash Metal batterings, who will open the ceremonies. After celebrating their crowning of 'Metal 2 The Masses' overall victors in 2014, melodic proggers Metaprism will be raring to go. Representing Wales will be the Death Metal mob Desecration and Pirate Metal landlubbers Red Rum (blood rum to you).

After hours entertainment will then commence with the Bloodstock DJ's pumping out more metal than you would find in a blacksmiths inventory.

<![CDATA[Sleep Inertia drummer takes on 24 hour drumming session for Comic Relief, before dropping debut release at London show on 14th March]]>Wed, 11 Mar 2015 15:24:56 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal-news/sleep-inertia-drummer-takes-on-24-hour-drumming-session-for-comic-relief-before-dropping-debut-release-at-london-show-on-14th-march

Wiltshire's Sleep Inertia have something to cheer about, well two things really. Drummer Tom Shrimpton is set to undertake a 24-hour drum session from midnight GMT 12th March - Midnight 13th March in aid of Comic Relief, taking a break every hour for 5 minutes. Anybody who wishes to make a contribution can do so at www.facebook.com/TomShrimpDrums or TomShrimpDrums.com

This feat awaits an official confirmation but it's most likely to be at an emergency services center, Tom admits that he is "not too sure at the moment, it's proving difficult to finalize", but anyone can come visit him anytime on that Friday. For a drummer who has time and time again challenged and improved his skills, he certainly has taken this challenge in his stride and is excited about the whole thing, "I always enjoy raising money for charity and this way I get to do something I love but yet pushing myself to the limit".

Naturally Tom will be pummeling away at the Sleep Inertia material as well as some Antoinette (his other band) songs, in addition to swift solo's and technical complex grooves, Tom admits to Global Metal Apocalypse that he has the gig in mind as well, " I don't want to push myself too hard too early haha", moreover because Tom is considering breaking the world record drumming session (which currently stands at 122 hours, 25 minutes and is held by Kunto Hartono from Indonesia) sometime late 2016 or sometime in 2017, but for now cautiously admits that he wants to see how this 24 hour marathon goes.

Now as if that is not good enough news, well in addition to the challenge, Sleep Inertia will be performing 14th March at the The Underworld in Camden, London. The show will be used as a platform to release their debut EP “Growth, Decay, Transformation” through. The EP itself has a scheduled release date of 20th March.

Sleep Inertia arose out of the ashes of The Dead Lay Waiting, featuring
ex-members Ben Connett (lead guitar), Steve Franklin (rhythm guitar), Sam Sara (bass guitar) and Tom Shrimpton (drums) plus new front-man Jamie Harrison.

Sleep Inertia are quickly earning themselves a reputation within the music scene. “Growth, Decay, Transformation” is exactly what you would expect from a band of this genre; a progressive-edged sound with complex and fresh riffs.