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'Total Warfare'

You want a blitz? Look at world war two documentaries, however if you want a blitz-storm then get a load of historical Thrash Metal produced by London masters of grit, the quartet known as Kremated. Returning from the pits of the south bank, Kremated thrust forward their latest offering 'Total Warfare' in epic fashion, through a myriad of tempo-changing tracks and outrageous riffs, both together powerful enough to make an AK-47 look like a spent lump of corrugated metal. Moral is if you think the old styles of metal are dead, if you feel that the 'core' genres are the best style of metal ever, you would be mistaken, 'Total Warfare' delivers thrashed-up music along with Hardcore brutality and slick Crustpunk atmosphere, just make sure you turn the speakers up past 13 or else.


Considering most of the Eastern European Metal scenes deal with mainly Doom and Black Metal, when the Stoner Doom Metal quartet Kannabinõid emerge with their self-titled debut EP, it is looked open as the turning point for the Estonian extreme metal scene, full of melancholic, darkening and disturbing atmosphere, played on by the elegance of the Estonian language and the slow, thick sound of the guitar strings being plucked in a sorrowful way that leaves a bitter and cold emotion in the ears of whomsoever comes across this cleverly produced work of art, so much so irrespective of the language difficulties, here the music does the inevitable talking.

'Diabolic Agreement'

Two words: very disappointing. This is the best way without being crude upon summing up the debut album by Dark Horizon, their album 'Diabolic Agreement' delivers great music in the style of Melodic Black / Death Metal and at a precise tone too, but the vocals somehow seem to have gotten lost somewhere or at least practically are hard to understand, if there is anything else positive to take from this release is that it would pose well as an instrumental, but if the band are to exceed expectations and deliver a sound that critics and labels will pay more attention to, then the vocals need to keep a gear, there is great potential, just not as evident as it should be.

'The Venom It Drips'

Falling back four years to the spark of Myra's career and you'll find their debut album 'The Venom It Drips', much is different here to their later album 'Godspeed', but the band still employs that phenomenal sound they coalesce, putting together lashes of Melodic Death Metal with Metalcore and Thrash Metal, the German quintet are a force waiting to take Europe by storm. With each song there is an explosion of technically crafted metal music and an atmosphere that would make any Bundesliga match sound and feel like a kindergarten, the album is that powerful. From the lush sounds of 'Doomed from the outset' which features female vocals to the delicate instrumental 'The Venom Part I', Myra prove that they are the new face of German Metal.


It is a truthful fact that Norwegians are very good at producing grim Black Metal and Ghost Trail are no exception, putting together the cold and grave sounds of their True Norwegian Black Metal heritage with the progressive elements found in bands like Ihsahn, Enslaved and Emporer, the Norwegian trio deliver a promising start to their career and are sure to continue to create even darker music. As for their demo 'Orkestergrav', it is sure to please fans of the Progressive Black Metal style, with it's slow and long elements and formidable shrieking, it is a sound of death.

'Glory On The Battlefield'

From time to time Canada delivers a band that whilst unsigned, deserves international attention and proves themselves to be the next big act, this time that falls upon Ontario quintet Crimson Shadows as they smash the sound barrier with their emphatic debut album 'Glory On The Battlefield', mixing together the guttural vibrant sounds of Melodic Death Metal with the heavenly and majestic elements of Power Metal to deliver what could be perceived as Canadian Album of the year. 'Glory On The Battlefield' takes the listener on a forty-six minute journey through the fields of Canada to places as high as the Rockies and as low as the mountain bears riding bareback through the cities, to put it short, expect this band to go far as they prepare for 'Glory On The Battlefield'. Fans of 3 Inches of Blood, Blackguard and Unleash The Archers will love this album to bits.

'For The Unsung'

Malta's most prolific Metal band Weeping Silence return for a third time to deliver their sensational sound of Gothic-infused Doom Metal in emphatic fashion, the septet deliver another opus in what can be perceived as their greatest work to date. Mixing delicate female vocals with the harshness of the brutal male vocals spurted out here and together wrapped in music so atmospherically dynamic, it shook the very foundations of this small European island nation. For a Gothic Doom Metal band, they know how to make the balance just right so it doesn't place the listener in suicidal despair, instead what the Maltese septet have done is bring to the table another slice of fruity cake, one that any metal fan would savor and especially is delivered in honor 'For The Unsung' heroes that defended Malta during WW2, that is how strong this album and indeed this band are.

'Fires Of Tartarus'

Berkshire of late seems to be producing metal bands by the truckload and all sound out of this world, so when the new kids on the block Fires Of Tartarus released their debut s/t EP this year, the expectations were running high, by god did we not see this coming. Slamming, face-smashing Death Metal is unleashed to pummel the streets into total disrepair, wielding together killer riffs and earthquake-like drumming precision amongst sickening vocals and an atmosphere to make any hardnut become equated to a ballerina, 'Fires Of Tartarus' smacks out five tracks of insane music and yet leaves the listener begging for more, 'Fires Of Tartarus' is for fans of literally pure cold-blooded Death Metal. If this lot don't get signed in the next two or three years, I'll eat my speakers.

'Haunted Skies'

Whilst conventionally unconvincing as a perfect debut album, Xenosis' 'Haunted Skies' meets the expectations of what they claim to play, Progressive Death Metal. However for the American quintet the obvious lack of little timing here and there leaves some songs without any meaning or reason for purpose other than that to drag the entire album out of it's overall perception. Tracks like 'The Contactee' deliver what one was expecting, as for the first two tracks, skip them. However the real fudge-packer that will entice everyone is 'The Willows of the Brook surround us' with it's technically productive riffs and brutalizing drumming and vocal capabilities, overall the album has gems here and there, but there are a few areas to clean up on for number two.

'...From The Cave Of The Forgotten'

Enter Baal Ze Ub with their debut full-length album '...From The Cave Of The Forgotten' and the new sound in the German Metal scene. Mixing traditional Blackened Thrash Metal with the darkness and grim atmosphere of war that plagued Europe for years, '...From The Cave Of The Forgotten' delivers fast and furious brutality in a barrage of blastbeats, death-defying riffs and insane shrieking vocals. Without dubbing them 'Black War Metal' would be a little of an understatement, there is evident parts of the album that relate to war and the air raid siren at the start is the first part of this extreme release. Emerging out of the darkness '...From The Cave Of The Forgotten' comes a quintet with enough cold bitterness to freeze your nipples off.

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'Shrunken Head'

When you feature a septet that resembles a Death / Thrash Metal Armageddon with Nergal of Behemoth on the front line and past members of Morbid Angel, Manowar, Decapitated and Deicide amongst the affray, you know this band is going to be sensational. Enter Florida-based Voodoo Gods and their debut EP 'Shrunken Head', full of the very essence of voodooism from it's Caribbean counterparts, even Baron Samedi could not cope with the brutal force residing here. Grizzly vocals lead the way for the erotic riffs and elaborate drumming to decimate any senses the listener may have, this is something extra special and is sure to attract attention from far and wide. Fuelled by the Gulf of Mexico, this cyclonic storm is strengthening up and is preparing to make a global assault.

'Human Downfall'

Probably soon to be considered the next best German Melodic Death Metal band on the block, Baden-Württemberg's Acromonia storms out of the gates with their highly promising debut EP 'Human Downfall', awashed with emphatic solo's, ballsy drumming and vocals so deep it would make the nearby church cemetery shake earthquake-style. For fans of Soilwork, Scar Symmetry and Threat Signal, Acromonia's 'Human Downfall' takes the classic sound of Melodic Death Metal, adds their own emphasis on it and triumphantly delivers something so epic, the debut album is already seems promising.

'Landlose Ufer'

Heathen Black Metal horde Wandar make their full-on battle assault with their debut album 'Landlose Ufer', exclusively singing in their native language of German, the quartet immerse the atmosphere with Germanic paganism and heathen traits, laced with the evil, cold and bitterness of continental Black Metal. Not all German Black Metal bands make their debut as refreshing as they should be and so when coming across 'Landlose Ufer', there is not a lot of negativity that can be scrutinised on, even if the production seems a little weak, the album spits originality and signals an oncoming winter storm as Wandar rebel across the lands.

'New Aeon'

From time to time band's will try to mix genres as extreme as they can and so when four Bavarians lock horns with the intricate sounds of Industrial Death Metal and incorporate elegant sounds of Symphonic Metal, the stage is set for the absolute demise of their debut EP 'New Aeon'. Blasting sonic waves  with the immense velocity delivered by the double bass drumming and smothering it with total technical riffing, harmonious keyboard elements and gritty death metal vocals, you can clearly see a mixture of Scar Symmetry, Shade Empire and Breach The Void. All in all the EP signals that Era Hex, as we know it is the Cyber Metal juggernaut the world has been waiting for.

'End Of Time'

Germany's Destination's Calling make their awaited return with their sophomore album 'End Of Time', filled to the brim with Power Metal, this album naturally is your average sounding one in the stated genre. High-pitched vocals, adventurous musical compositions and an all-round feeling of power, 'End Of Time' is an album that will please any fan of Sonata Arctica, Edguy and Dream Theater. The only downside of the album is that it's not long enough (even if it's over fifty minutes long) and it only starts kicking off when track three 'Revolution in Min' comes into play, but in conclusion it is a decent enough album, we'll let the listener make the critical judgements.


One year in and Hamburg's Bleeding deliver their debut self-titled EP, but the first part of the storm is a bit of a bumpy ride, there are a host of genres wafting and weaving about the release, from Progressive Metal to Power Metal and from Thrash Metal to Modern Rock, there again when you take three musicians and give them a studio, anything can happen. If you had to pigeon-hole this release, simply call it 'experimental funk metal', the rhythm changes every minute and the music ranges from high-pitch belters to low-sounding humdingers. Exclusively this EP can cater for a range of acquired tastes, eventually leaving the listener with 'Bleeding' ears.

'Marching Through Darkness'

German Melodic Thrashers Clear Sky Nailstorm emerge out of the sewers with the stench of their infectious and disease-ridden debut EP 'Marching Through Darkness', oozing with confidence and heavy brutality, who said German musicians were only good at Death Metal? Mein gott nein. Clear Sky Nailstorm are exactly what they say are, a heavy downpour of razor-sharp riffs, metallic drumming and two-ton weight vocals, all in all producing a fine piece of musicianship. 'Marching Through Darkness' takes the listener on a ride of their life, from the cascading riffs to the heavy drop of the drumstick, just purely epic.

'The Call Of Extinction'

Bavaria plays host to a number of exceedingly good bands and from time to time there are bands from this part of Germany that deserve (well they all do) to be signed, but Running Death with their neck-breaking Thrash Metal deserve it most, in fact they modernise the already established Teutonic Thrash Metal sub-genre without fault or deviation from the main sound that is expected. Moulding versatility with total brutality, Running Death emerges as one of the finest newcomers of the German metal scene, time will come and this band will be ready for more.

'Echoes Of Betrayal'

Following their debut album, upcoming English Symphonic Gothic Metallers Winter In Eden make their welcomed return with 'Echoes Of Betrayal', their second full-length album loaded with heavenly vocals, dramatic musical composure and dark elegancy at every minute of this gracious release. This is the album that deserves to end in Winter In Eden being signed, the evidence is there that this band have enough potential to overthrow the queen of the Symphonic Gothic Metal throne, that is Within Temptation, with 'Echoes Of Betrayal' now firmly out in the open, the wolves of the forest are packing together, the hunt is on, with a feast of riffs, drum sequences and operatic chanting leading the way, there is nothing that will stop this five-piece leviathan from taking the world by storm.

'The Fall'

Hailing from Birmingham, one man project Aeurtum makes his debut album 'The Fall' and whilst the music is fine the vocals lack any real presence, thus leaving the album in a state of being unfinished, well thats how it would seem. Fixing depression and other darker topics as the main point for the lyrics, the music may as well add the same level of depression as it fails to impress, lacking any clear motivation in relation to the fact the melodic death metal has gone awoll and the progressive metal seems a little overused, Aeurtum may as well have just experienced 'The Fall'.

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'City Built With Skulls'

Virginian Thrash maniacs Possessor make their short-awaited debut with 'City Built With Skulls', a solid production of classic American Thrash Metal in the style of Metallica and Slayer. Loaded with riffs and fist-burning drumming, 'City Built With Skulls' slashes its way through the silent atmosphere and explodes by delivering a feast of tasteful compositions. Rough it up and ride it bareback, this is breakneck Thrash as it should be in its modern form. For Possessor, this their moment to stand out and shine, an album that keeps the classics intact and retains its title as the original sound, 'City Built With Skulls' is not for the faint of heart (or indeed haters of old school metal).

'Patient Zero'

Possibly one of the greatest modern day bands to walk out of the South African Metal scene. Zombies Ate My Girlfriend kick off their highly-anticipated career with the face-punching EP 'Patient Zero', spewing out cursed Melodic Death Metal and lashed with elements of Metalcore here and there, the compass points south on this one as the quintet smash apart the crystal silence with what can easily be perceived as South African Metal album of the year. As bloody as the Boer war and as brutal as the realisation of penguins on the sandy beaches, Zombies Ate My Girlfriend are due to hit the international scene and fly the flag for the South African Metal scene, think you know metal? You don't know sh*t until you check this lot out!


Interestingly enough, Bavarian quartet Surreal Thoughts make their return well and truly known, making their next outing their sophomore album 'Augmentations' come to life, the Progressive Death Metal ensemble demolish every instrument in sight and yet sadly fail to make the cutting edge vocals that were anticipated to be there. Whilst the riffs are great, they mask out the drums and so the production lacks any presence, so what you end up with is a perfect elemental piece minus any atmosphere. Give due the death growling is decent, but unless you have got ultra-high hearing, the lyrics without reading them are anyone's guess, anyone's guess that is if you can be bothered.

'Arms Of Mercy'

Bringing back the glories of the Heavy Metal and Rock 'N' Roll sound is Finnish Heavy Metallers Boneride and their third demo 'Arms Of Mercy', whilst not exactly similar to the titans Iron Maiden, the closest you can compare this quartet is to bands like AC/DC, Motorhead and Judas Priest, the sort that require the listener to be in tight leather (if your a girl), drinking Jack Daniels and riding a Harley-Davidson across the snow-laden landscapes of Finland. As for 'Arms Of Mercy', this is a sure sign that Boneride are readying themselves to unleash something rather epic and highly extraordinary, as such this is a band to watch and well in the end they take the no-nonsense direction and remain with rock in their hearts.

'Nocturnal Hypnosis'

Hailing from the city of Cambridge, Frostbitten is a one-man Black Metal project and yet when upon hearing the debut album 'Nocturnal Hypnosis' unfold like a venus fly trap decapitating its prey, the inevitable sound of raw black metal spews out over the atmosphere like a poison gas murdering everything living within its detonation radius. Word of warning, turn down the speakers, for at points the album gets very loud and as such could make the listener sh*t themselves. Full of depressive shrieks, shrieks rivalling pain and music to rival the satanic Justin Bieber, no wonder this is an underground project, you probably could not find anything more kvlt.


From the dark corners of the lands of Northern Ireland arises a force so powerful, it made Southern Ireland tremble in fear, enter the band or project Writhing Void with the debut EP 'Isolate', a classic example of pure Black Metal. Loaded with some of the most evil vocals heard on overseas British soil and yet the EP carries this feeling of pure euphoria, for it has the raw sound in tune and yet somehow has a lively feel to it, quite bizarre for a Black Metal album, but who is to judge? The EP features four tracks of pure chaos, let alone the drums running wild and the vocals spitting curses at every second, 'Isolate' is probably the darkest release ever to be created in the Northern Irish Metal scene.


So much is a-due here, the North / West Yorkshire quintet Waking Theo smash their way back into the scene with their latest demo 'Reborn' in wake of their vocalist changing, needless to say - this is the real deal. The vocals as far as one can hear, are awashed with gritty Metalcore and so bullies the band into action for a full fist-pumping smackdown. In short, the Thrash Metal elements residing in the guitar riffs and the Metalcore physique blasting out from the drums and vocals edge Waking Theo further into the scene, this material is perhaps the material to get them label attention if not major press, if this does not get attention from Metal Hammer, Terrorizer or at least Kerrang! I'll eat my speakers.

'River Runs Red'

Bavaria seems to be spewing out a host of excellent metal bands lately and The Flesh Trading Company is no exception, bringing to the frontline their debut EP 'River Runs Red' in what can be called a 'DVD case'. Kicking off with the 'in your face' attitude, the music punches the listener so hard it makes unarmed combat look like a hugging session. Mixing Death Metal vocals with the agile speed of Thrash Metal and the embodiment of Heavy Metal, the German quintet set themselves up to buttrape anything that stands in their way and with their EP now out in the open, this is going to only get even more nasty, let the pain commence.

'Broken Path'

Let's face it, you have to be a strong as steel sort of person to overcome the haulage of depression (Waning) throws into their 2012 EP, because its just near suicidal. Sure thats how this type of music has to be, but come one, Ambient Doom Metal without the ambience is like a guitarist without a guitar, pointless. Given due that (Waning) do piece it well together, given that as granted, but there is so much seeming to lack here, the vocals are fine, but it seems a little bland and the next release will have to be a big improvement.

'Opium Vision'

German Progressive Death Metal mob Emmeleya whack out their debut album on a bizarre note, 'Opium Vision' has all the elements but the keyboards as far as it can be said, ruins the overall sound. However, given due it is an acceptable album, but one that will take time for listeners to get used to. Kicking off with an almighty eleven minute track maybe the worst ordering yet, surely a build up would be more appropiate, unless Emmeleya were really seeing an 'Opium Vision', in that case the album is worth more than the opium is, it will be interesting to see where this lot go on from here.

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'The Eleventh Hour'

Angelical Tears, the oncoming threat from Oklahoma, USA, emerge once again from the darkened abyss and deliver their latest release 'The Eleventh Hour'. Featuring more of the classic Within Temptation and Evanescence combination, the quintet immerse the listener with soothing heavenly vocals, razor-hard riffs and solid drumming in one epic package. Since their self-titled debut, Angelical Tears have torn apart the rulebook and wrote their own sound, layering different elements from different Metal genres and finalising a sound that will captivate any fan of female-fronted bands, this is perhaps the album to get them signed by and as 'The Eleventh Hour' strikes, four tornadoes spawn, ready to strike the heart of the everyday metal fan.


Hailing from the county known as the garden of England, Kent quartet Dark Theory cultivate patches of poison ivy and record the cold and bitter screams provoked by their victims, of course their EP 'Bludgeon' hosts a myriad of different genres, but the main core sound is truly Gothic Black Metal. Sure the first sound of drum 'n' bass gives a startling impression, but buy time and moving onto 'Vampires Pain' and the more modern sound kicks in, modern albeit the obvious Victorian Gothic Metal influence and naturally the bitter sweetness of Olivia's backing vocals, but needless to say that Ryan finishes off with some gruelling vocals, was just the start of 'Bludgeon', as it is a tale of two halves, but the latter is to take Dark Theory into the legions of bands like Theatres des Vampires, Darkwell, The Furious Horde and Cradle Of Filth. If you thought Kent was all about roaming fields, go forth; just don't disturb the graveyards, for the Dark Theory is soon to curse the lands.

'Promo 2012'

Residing in the lap of the gods, Circles Lane mix traditional Greek sounds with their classic Heavy Metal composition, sure this is nothing new but it still has a twinkle about it. Their debut demo entitled 'Promo 2012' delivers the classic Bruce Dickinson high-pitch vocals and the standard signature tune to the Heavy Metal genre, the riffs are of the Speed Metal guild and yet the overall production is as classic as it can get. If you're expecting free-flowing music and differentiation, think again, Circles Line will appeal to those fans of the classic side of metal but for the modern generation, this wouldn't be for you.

'United We Fall'

American Thrash Metal, seems to be loaded with the same ole lyrics, musical composure and atmosphere, Vindicator is no different. Fusing the topics of nuclear war, zombies and violence to their unique sound of Teutonic (German) Thrash Metal and old school Death Metal double-bass drumming, this is a band full of imagination and it shows on their third album 'United We Fall', riff after riff, the Ohio quartet smash through the sound barrier to deliver a face-punching sound of classic Thrash Metal. Get ready to sh*t your pants, this is the sound to tear the political manifesto's apart.

'I Am Alpha & Omega'

Possibly the metal band the Eastern European nation of Belarus has been waiting for to lift the scene into further recognition, Essence Of Datum go completely instrumental on their 2012 promo 'I Am Alpha & Omega' and do it absolutely perfect. Mixing Technical melodies with the embodiment of solid grizzly Death Metal, the trio dive into the fountain of experimentation and blast out in exciting fashion, full of cracking riffs and emphatic solo's, 'I Am Alpha & Omega' is a release that belongs in any metal fan's arsenal, think you know guitars, blastbeats and technical compositions? Wait till Essence Of Datum smash your skill in, as you realise 'I Am Alpha & Omega' and everyone else is subordinate.


Once in a while Portugal spews out a metal band that warrants international attention, this time the limelight falls upon Sinmattic and their debut self-titled EP. The quartet (now quintet) delivers a dark and softening sound of Melodic Gothic Metal. As shadowy as the historic Gothic tribe residing in the Iberian lands, Sinmattic revive their country's past and deliver it to the masses via an army of soul-calming lyrics, tantalising riffs and beautifully constructed drum patterns, altogether devising a concoction of Children of Bodom melodies and Epica soprano vocals, Sinmattic are sure to alight the Portuguese Metal scene for the Gothic Metal sound.

'Black Raven... Dark Night' + 'Anima Tenebrarum'

2006 saw the sophomore album by Latvian quartet Nycticorax come to haunt the hallowed lands of Eastern Europe with their unique style of Vampiric Black Metal. 'Black Raven... Dark Night' is immersed in the Gothic atmosphere Riga offers to it's folk, Nycticorax latched onto that energy feed and sent out truly dark musical messages in Latvian and Russian alike, using the classic shriek of the Black Metal infrastructure, the atmosphere revolves around the haunted lands of Dracula and ousts the light with a full on blast of True Latvian Black Metal. From the dark mysticism of this hallowed band and the outgoing audio sounds of Vampiric Black Metal, it would be interesting to see how Nycticorax evolves from this.

Forwarding the clocks to 2011 and Latvian Black Metallers Nycticorax return to terrorise Europe once again, this time it's their third album 'Anima Tenebrarum' that delivers the cold and bitter taste of vampirism in it's true form. Pulsating drums coat the vocals in an infectious disease, so deadly it makes the old Soviet regime look as weak as a plastic ruler, but that's not to say that this Latvian band are of the sort, in fact Nycticorax are due to take the Latvian Metal scene to newer heights, with 'Anima Tenebrarum' now firmly set on powering the band onto newer styles of their already constructed Vampiric Black Metal, nothing is going to stop this mammoth machine.

'The True Nation'

Probably time to close this band down, twenty years have passed and coming to their 2012 EP you'd find more entertainment elsewhere. The typical shriek, muffed riff and nearly-heard blastbeat are the three factors that dominate this release; however it cannot be totally condoned; at least it features a ambient feel to it, but the sort that may take time to get used to. 'The True Nation' if you take it seriously could refer to a pagan or nationalist sentiment and so the latter could upset certain people, albeit the fact that the band name is closely linked to either the Arabic or central Asian languages and so the product is somewhat intriguing.

'2012 demo / promo'

From time to time modern day metal bands decide to keep the traditions alive, Space Chaser are no exception. The Thrash Metal quintet from Berlin release their premier demo and promo this year and as such show excellency right from the first riff, this is 80's style Thrash Metal in the vein of Anthrax and Metallica mostly, with the classic and easily detectable riffs and signature drumming as the backdrop, Space Chaser are nowhere near the Teutonic Thrash Metal style that has plagued the German metal scene for years. As long as they keep this up, they could make a name for themselves in the European metal scenes, you won't need a time travel machine to see 80's Thrash Metal, let the Space Chaser get it for you.

'Under The Blade I Die' + 'The Other Gods'

2007 saw the debut album by Brazilian old-school Death Metal quartet Coldblood emerge from the pits of the Amazon and swamp the country in a swathe of Satanic Anti-Christianity. 'Under The Blade I Die' features toned down riffs come and going like a scythe slicing open the hearing sense with a sonic blast of irresistable blastbeats and guttural vocals as the perfect accompynants, as for Coldblood this was a new step in their band's existance and became a pivotal point in their musical direction, or did it? Regardless, 'Under The Blade I Die' is a solid performance of relenting Death Metal and is sure to batter anyone's brains to death.

So when it came to present day and the year 2012 was calling, Coldblood released their first ever EP 'The Other Gods', much like the debut album except the production and quality is far superior on the EP. Plus strangely for an EP, this lasts over an hour and thus the listener is buried amongst a ton of really intricate and lush old school Death Metal once again. From the bizarre and creepy instrumentals like 'Before the Last Breath' to absolute face-melters like Reincarnating A New Black God, 'The Other Gods' is an example of pure brilliance and is sure to push Coldblood onto further releases in their twenty-year career (achieved this year).

[7] + [8.5] RHYS STEVENSON
<![CDATA[GMA - Vol111 - (warning: extreme content) - Survael, Enshrouding, Hedfirst, Flame Of War, Dark Fury, Nihternnes, Fragment, Awaker, Misanthropia, Decibel Hammer]]>Mon, 17 Sep 2012 11:34:54 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol111-warning-extreme-content-survael-enshrouding-hedfirst-flame-of-war-dark-fury-nihternnes-fragment-awaker-misanthropia-decibel-hammer
'War Of The Wild'

They call it Epic Black / Folk Metal, we call it 'Cultural Metal', henceforth arise Survael, Spain's quintet immersing the listener in shrieking vocals and Ancient Rites-like composure, one could not permit that the five-piece entice bull-fighting even with this monstrous debut EP herewith playing. 'War Of The Wild' features intricate solo's and a whole load of ethnicity amongst the divine sounds produces here, coincidentally it could be seen as a cultural revival of Spain's rich history, but as the Madrid-based band start their career, it could be said that Survael are in a league of their own, sadly to say not a good league either.

'Time To Kill The Beast'

Well it's a hard one to pin down, both the album and band, claimed to be from Mongolia, but we prefer to state they are Finnish, because well with Finnish musicians, what else can they be? Again they are pinned down as Black / Death Metal, but truly they are plain Melodic Death Metal, even if 'Time To Kill The Beast' has enough gusto and power to blow holes in the upper stratosphere, the fact remains this is an album that never was, however what it is instead is a release chock full of twists and turns at ever corner, surprising the listener and driving them into a false sense of security. Smashing drums lead the way on this face-punching delivery and wrap it up with some snazzy guitar work; afterwards it truly is 'Time To Kill The Beast'.

'Godforsaken' + '44'

Two releases, one each side of the band splitting up and coincidentally two different sounds, so when taking into account the 2007 full length 'Godforsaken' by Polish Post-Groove Thrashers Hedfirst, that being their third ever album, you can expect a full-on blast of Lamb Of God style Groove Metal and Evile style Thrash Metal, oozing out with riffs galore and delivering outrageous drumming to savour any passionate metal fan, it is clear to see why Hedfirst are still underground, the music however original it is lacks a great deal of eccentricity, yet ironically it seems to capture one's attention. Again this is one of those albums that just happen to be there, but there again it has a decent level of meaning.

After the reformation, their fourth album dropped, entitled '44' it depicts the heart of the band, a flowing river of blood-red music and powerful sounds, sure the lyrical shift reverts to Polish on this one, the brutality is maximised and the product is far more captivating than 'Godforsaken' . Consider 'Godforsaken' as a cardiac arrest and '44' as a healthy heart, Hedfirst have now found their ground and have utilised a far greater winning sound. Neck-snapping drumming supporting cutting-edge riffs and truly heavy vocals, this is the sound to carry Hedfirst forward. Prepare to mosh, for '44' is the soundtrack of the Polish Metal revolution and so the band from Warsaw is going into the revolution Hedfirst.

[4] + [7.5] RHYS STEVENSON
'Long Live Death!'

Polish Black Metal duo Flame Of War make their welcomed return by releasing their fourth assault entitled 'Long Live Death!', the album takes in really raw sounds and old-school Black Metal, in the totalitarianism vein of course, mixing together traditionalism, paganism and war themes, it could easily be dubbed NSBM, even with its military style emphasis, but wouldn't that be a tad ironic for the hated to become supporters? Regardless 'Long Live Death!' delivers the old school style of Black Metal, in the veins of Mayhem, Gorgoroth and early Polish BM. For Flame of War, this is another chapter to be standing tall and saluting for, Black metal in Poland will never be the same again.


It comes to this, the seventh full length by Poland's Dark Fury in their fifteenth year of existence, the highly recognised NSBM trio truly step out of the darkness and ignite the area once more with the sounds of the far-right movement and attach it to some highly sophisticated Black Metal, from military style drumming to the atmosphere experienced at the tombs of Auschwitz, 'W.A.R.' brings back to life the dark times of the 20th century in musical expression and this time they have not failed to impress. Whether you like, hate or thrust neutral views against the NSBM genre, Dark Fury do more than just praise the bygone Nazi empire, in fact they teach it in historical form, making it a musical history lesson. 'W.A.R.' will impress those who love raw and dark Black Metal and also the far-right side of political music.

'The Dawning Of A New Era' + 'The Mouthless Dead' + 'Subterfuge'

English Symphonic Dark Metal project / band Nihternnes is one of the darkest to ever walk the British Isles, forging atmospheric symphonic black metal with the darkness of bitter political humanity, this is the plague that has been threatening both Northampton and now Cornwall. Kicking off with 'The Dawning Of A New Era, which is the debut album and was released back in 2007, it is clear that there is a lot of raw Symphonic Black metal going on, take a pinch of Dimmu Borgir and lace it with a smothering of Mayhem and Carpathian Forest, you get the idea. 'The Dawning Of A New Era' delivers a knockout punch of extreme music and was the beginning of an underground storm.

Forwarding towards 2009 and the first ever EP takes flight, 'The Mouthless Dead' instead drops the symphonic black metal sound of its predecessors and instead optimises a new depressive and ghoulish sound to kill of the listener's senses. Employing Progressive Dark Metal as the new sound, the EP 'The Mouthless Dead' delivers nearly 45 minutes worth of music in three tracks, so if you have time to kill, dinner is being cooked or something along those lines, you could just play this to cover the time wasting. It won't be everyone's cup of tea and sure fits the ambient music genre to a point, but the overall impression left is a bizarre and wordless one.

Finally coming into 2012 and once again the depressive music sinks in, there shows little sign of change in comparison to the 2009 EP and as such pretty much demands a similar response. Except this time round you may need a whole hour free, for the sophomore album 'Subterfuge' delivers seven tracks in just over an hour, and by the time it's over your exhausted, wondering what the hell this was all about, sure the composition is sublime, but compared to the symphonic black metal days, Nihternnes in fact has gone downhill dramatically.

[6] + [4] + [3] RHYS STEVENSON
'The Misotheist Portrayal'

Just when Oxfordshire was named the most tranquil county of 2012, that statement was soon interrupted by a mass noise of machine-like Black / Death Metal, enter the badboys Fragment and their soul crushing debut demo 'The Misotheist Portrayal', playing in the old school style of the music genre, this quartet drag up the deepest pits of hell to unleash a musical belter that would make Behemoth shake in their boots. Fuelled by their latest outing and a three year career to their name, Fragment may well just become that band that lifted the Oxfordshire Metal scene to new heights, make some room 'cause this is going to get crazy.

'Control Lost'

In light of saddening news, that the drummer and co-founder of Awaker Marcin Kolinski passed away Monday 06/08/2012, we dedicate this review to him, gone but not forgotten, may his soul rock on.

Awaker emerge from the streets of Manchester with their atomic debut album 'Control Lost', wielding together delicate melodies and musical sounds, the quartet immerse the listener in a fountain of heavenly Progressive Metal. Sure this is an album that carries a certain atmosphere and with that in mind the listener has to be in the right mood, you could dub it a chill out album but in hindsight it is an album that totally acts as a multi-mood piece, fluctuating guitar riffs embezzled by straight-edge drumming and lush vocals, Awaker make the whole djent movement look weak as a piece of solder.


If this was meant to be an improvement from the debut album, only knows what the first album must have sounded like, sure here we have a decent slab of melodies but the drums at times sound a little sloppy for anything catchy and the riffs seem a little basic, that said 'Everdark' by German Melodic Power Thrashers Misanthropia does deliver emphatic vocals, mixing the high pitches of Dream Theater with the deep growling experienced with Opeth, but with that, it is imminent and evident that the two genres combined simply do not work, what you get is two sounds colliding, mixing a powerful and upbeat sound with a slow and deep sound, something that you would expect from a widow murdering her husband to gain the million euro heritage, dark thought sure but that coalesces with Misanthropia's dark music.

'Release The Havoc'

It just seems that when the Finnish go to create old-school Thrash Metal for the modern audience and atmosphere, they nail it perfectly. Such an example is Decibel Hammer, the three musketeers from Tampere indulge in the 80's Thrash Metal style and add some Black / Speed Metal style vocals to deliver a dark and abysmal release, abysmal in that you couldn't find anything more pathetically extraordinary anywhere else. 'Release The Havoc' blasts out Slayer-esque music at a rate of knots and totally overwhelms the listener with some really scary sounds, no wonder there has been a rise in casualties in Finland, the cause is of course Decibel Hammer shocking listeners into total paralysis, killing off their senses and as the band begin to 'Release The Havoc', the darkness bites once again.

<![CDATA[GMA - Vol110 - Rage Invest, Deathmarched, Painless Death / Lost In The Delusion Called split, ChaosWolf / Astarot split, Holy Mary's Blowjob / Satanic Forest split, Graven Aspect, Опричь / Чур / Piarevaracien split, ]]>Wed, 12 Sep 2012 10:15:51 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol110
'Where The Sacred Ends'

With an album cover that somehow is reminiscent of the great fire of London in 1666, except that Rage Invest are in fact Swedish. The music in question is an onslaught of Melodic Death Metal (no surprise here) and the seemingly low spread of Thrash Metal in the national scene, so when bringing the two sounds together to produce their successful debut album 'Where The Sacred Ends', what can be said is that the band has potential, the vocals are a little sketchy here and there no real guttural feeling more like the Hardcore style vocals, but there again the correlation with the band name suits the preconceived idea of the vocals as befitting. Fuelled by hate as the core topic, Rage Invest are ready to flip the middle finger and assault Europe, be careful the new kids on the block are set to make waves.

'Open Fire!'

Finally Finnish old school Death Metal has made an appearance, about time the classics got revived, so when hearing the premier demo by Seinäjoki quartet Deathmarched, there is definitely Hail Of Bullets and Napalm Death influences coming in, the latter really applying to the music and the first influence clear as day when looking at the demo title - 'Open Fire!' This is the sort of band that may get attention from Finnish record labels; it's authentic, original and utmost classic. 'Open Fire!' acts as a well-deserved breather from all of the modern metal that seems to flush out the roots of the genre and so with Deathmarched firmly set on reviving the original style of Death Metal, nothing will stand in their way.

'Longest Path To The End'

Mexican and Australian Black Metal join forces in this international split release, not only that but both are solo projects from both genders. Kicking off this collaboration called 'Longest Path To The End' is Australia's Lost In The Delusion Called "Life" which is the fourth release, first split and only (so-far) release of 2012. Much cannot be said for this project only that it is disturbing, ambient and very, very dark. Taking the ambient settings of the venomous tarantula and transforming it into audio poison to leave the listener self-murdered in their own frantic escape, it is that bizarre. Moving onto the second half of the split, the last project to move into focus is Mexico's Painless Death, which is the third split released and second release of 2012. Delivering a sorrowful and soul-destroying ambient sound of murderous depressive Black Metal to savour the emo kid from being butchered by self-vanity, in other words this is not for the weak. Darkness intrudes the realm of the listener and warps them into a place full of cold bitterness, even as this is written I'm feeling queasy. Playing in the style of Be Persecuted, this is Mexico's darkest hour and perhaps the listener's final hour.


'Verwerfung / In the Abyss...'

Bringing together two Mexican projects on this split is a unique form of cultural expression, intriguingly both actually perform Black metal and this is significant, some splits don't have a continual genre-theme going on, but with the 'Verwerfung / In the Abyss...' split coming out of the darkness and performed in the stated order, this is a true masterpiece of Mexican Black Metal, the most grim variant of the spicy enchilada, one bite and your immediately hooked onto it's delicious sounds and aromatic atmosphere, if only the pepper was just as raw. Chaoswolf and Astarot together will definitely appeal to those who love their Black metal in the old school style, not just because there is no fancy blastbeats as such (well only for Chaoswolf, but for Astarot it's simply basic, just how it should be), but more so because of the atmosphere and level of raw influence drafted into what can be dubbed as possibly Mexican Metal release of the year.

[7] + [7.5] RHYS STEVENSON
'Lacerandam Pauper Nazarenum'

You may as well call the 'Lacerandam Pauper Nazarenum' split between Brazil's Satanic Forest and Mexico's Holy Mary's Blowjob simply 'Satanic Latin American Black Metal', because thats what it is. Forged in the darkness of two highly religious countries, 'Lacerandam Pauper Nazarenum' starts off with a Raw Black Metal track that can be summed as saying 'mercy cannot be used here', truly punishing music in it's most evil form, yet when Holy Mary's Blowjob move into the driving seat it totally blacks out the senses, litrally. Anti-christianity and Satanism pursue on this cleverly done release and as such leaves the listener totally speechless as to what and why a Roman Catholic Brazilian suddenly switches allegiance and allies with the devil, 'Lacerandam Pauper Nazarenum' is one hell of a disturbing release.

'Eksyneiden Unia'

A little disappointing is Graven Aspect's debut EP 'Eksyneiden Unia', besides the great feeling of hearing the Finnish language, which actually is not disappointing but rather pleasing, the only disappointment is the lack of songs, you know the Melodic Black Metal however suits the band well because overall the EP is a credible release, fully of melancholic melodies and brutal drumming - if anyone has any knowledge of Finnish singing bands, the best to compare this to is nearly Verjnuarmu, but for Graven Aspect this is the start of something unique, their own style and is sure to captivate many Black Metal fans alike.

Опричь / Чур / Piarevaracien

Possibly the greatest international Folk Metal split album collaboration ever made, featuring two bands from Russia and one from Belarus, 'Триединство' is the ultimate Pagan Metal party soundtrack. Starting off with Russian Pagan Metal sextet Опричь (Oprich) and the festivities soon come into full swing, full of Russian lyrics to add the originality to the music whilst the music itself delves into the delightful sounds of traditional Russian music, unearthing the flute to add that true Pagan feel and setting up for the next band to follow suit, for Опричь this is their boldest selection of music to date and is sure to steer them onto greater achievements.

Moving onto the second band and what we have here is what seems to be a one-man project, or so it would seem but information lacks so there cannot be an informed decision, none the less the overall production that this artist releases is something of the extraordinary kind, they sing in their own native language of Belarusian and play a unique style of Black Pagan Metal, but the strange thing is that there is hardly anything to suggest it has Black Metal influence or something similar, in fact it may as well be a toned down Arkona minus the Russian ethnicity and the obvious Black Metal sounds, even so it cannot be denied that Piarevaracien's contribution is a rewarding one.

Finally finishing off with the Russian Pagan Metal band Чур (Chur), the split is finally looking to be a truly momentous time in the Eastern European Metal scenes, perhaps there should be a compilation of metal bands from the CIS countries, but going back to the split release, Чур deliver a more upbeat version of Pagan Metal than Опричь delivered in the first stage of the release, sure the band sing in Russian but they have a more valiant sound, the sound that battles would be linked with, folklore imagined and the entire release spellbound by 3 talented acts. Чур wraps up the release in fantastic style and prove once again why they should be recognised as one of Russia's greats.

[8] + [7] + [8] RHYS STEVENSON
<![CDATA[GMA - Vol109 - Centuries Of Torment, Sanguine Glacialis, Dictator, Black Shadow, Slaughter Brute, Solarward, Enthymion, Mlekra, Темноврат, Grace Disgraced]]>Tue, 04 Sep 2012 13:50:09 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol109
'Centuries Of Torment'

Even for Indonesia's standards, this is near appalling, first off the vocals are hardly recognisable and the music itself is very basic and standard of the Death / Thrash Metal combo, sure the solo's are fairly unique but the overall production is disappointing. So for Centuries Of Torment's debut album, it can be perceived as a decent album but with no real unique value on it. However, having said that, the album itself will please fans of Thrash Metal in the Slayer style, whilst appealing to fans of Death Metal in the Suffocation style, sadly it's just a case of sounding like every other band in their own sub-genre.

'Dancing With A Hanged Man'

Finally god forbid a band that has a unique sound and is sure to stir some attention in the global media and music industry, this is Sanguine Glacialis and their emphatic-sounding debut album 'Dancing With A Hanged Man', built upon a solid foundation of classic Melodic Death Metal whilst covering it with Gothic Metal vocals, visualisation and atmosphere, the sort of album that has The Birthday Massacre mixed with Silent Descent - basically combining two worlds together result in this lust-laden album, a beauty and the beast translated into music. 'Dancing With A Hanged Man' is one of those albums that is dubbed a gem and why? Because you cannot place a valuation on their emphatic music, simply put.

'Stay Brutal Baby'

Purging out the dark side of the Russian Federation and exploiting the crevasses amongst the Siberian tundra is trio Dictator with their god-smiting third album 'Stay Brutal Baby', conventionally playing old-school Black Metal with Industrial and gothic influences, this is perhaps the darker version of Aborym or even so a whole unique sound on it's own. Commanding vocals are the main weapon in this catalogue of dark musical mass and are supported by rhythmetic riffs and precise percussion, both mixing together to produce a spectacular creation of experimental metal. Call it what you like, the truth remains it's godly music and it is this sort of band that wallows in the Russian underground yet does not get considerable exposure, what we think is that their message to every band is to 'Stay Brutal Baby'.

'…Сквозь Чёрное Пламя Молоха…'

It's always special when a band sings in their native language and Black Shadow are no exception, mixing raw Black Metal with their Russian language to concoct something so destructive, it took four bottles of vodka just to wake the listener up from the audio onslaught they have just been through. Sure the band uses a drum machine, but who is going to know (oops)? '…Сквозь Чёрное Пламя Молоха…' marks their eighth Satanic ritual and it never gets any tiring, not even after thirty-six minutes of total chaos, so for the record '…Сквозь Чёрное Пламя Молоха…' is for fans of Black Metal, the Russian language and Satanic music, oh and by the way Satan, whose your daddy? Black Shadow of course.

'Systematic Transmutations'

Just when Brutal Death Metal wasn't tricky enough, Slaughter Brute have added more technical possibilities to the already complex genre, as proven with their sophomore face-punching piece of musical architecture, the Ukrainians deliver 'Systematic Transmutations' in a simple way, mixing traditional Suffocation with the modern Vader and enveloping the sound into something that is beyond this world, chaotic and yet ironically brutal. 'Systematic Transmutations' is by far the greatest Brutal Death Metal album from the Ukraine to date and as for Slaughter Brute, well their time has come to storm around Europe and deliver a taste of Eastern Europe.

'How To Survive A Rainout'

Making their welcomed return is Belarus' own Solarward and their second album 'How To Survive A Rainout', bringing back with them their unique dark natural sound of Melodic Black Metal and this time a sort of concept album, only sort of because the songs are loosely related to the album's title and so with that bring a sentimental military feel to the atmosphere, which something for the quintet maybe a revelation, but what is certain is that they have delivered another noteworthy slice of music that befits the lack of different bands in the Eastern European bloc. Nonetheless this is perhaps the album to change the course direction of the band forever, emphatic riffs, shrieking vocals and heavenly melodies in the style of Cradle Of Filth, are the threat here and will never be eradicated.

'Arcana Of Apocalypse'

The endless similar-sounding bands of the Black Metal genre never end and here is another example, Enthymion. Playing drums at over 1000bpm (exaggeration), shrieking like a god damn banshee and playing riffs that are far too familiar for Black Metal diehards and yet when the Polish five-piece make their awaited debut with 'Arcana Of Apocalypse', it can't be helped but to notice how similar they sound to bands like Infernal War, yet even so the fact the band is no longer existing perhaps stopped their embarassment from escalating, ultimately it is not the most unique of Black Metal albums but it cannot be shunned as a nothing.


Unconventional and too basic it would seem when talking about the debut album by Ukrainian Black metal duo Mlekra, their first outing '0105' demonstrates you have to go as fast as you can and shriek as loud as you can just to prove your brutal, well what can be said, what 'cant' be said. For a band signed to a prolific Russian label, one was expecting much more than what has been delivered, sure it cannot be passed off as a 'you suck so get lost' album because ironically it keeps the old traditions of the blastbeat and dark atmosphere alive, just not on a great level of presence, it will be interesting to see where the duo go on from here.

'Грань Бесконечности'

Somewhat of a mini-album this can be called, five tracks equating to 50 minutes of solid Russian Pagan Black Metal. Spewing out the duo's debut album 'Грань Бесконечности' is Темноврат, for those non-Russian speakers best use Google translation or hire a personal translator, but for those who enjoy experiencing a new culture, the aforementioned becomes an option, anyhow the ambience is there and there seems to be little vocals, all the more for making the album darker, or so it would seem. the album in question does not really excite or depress the listener so much that they cannot walk without crying, in fact the album for it is actually becomes one of those easily 'overdone' albums, but still a good album debut.

'Enthrallment Traced'

Smashing through the barriers of the Russian Federation fortress is Technical Death Metallers Grace Disgraced and their emphatic debut album 'Enthrallment Traced', featuring vocals so harsh that it makes raw vodka seem like purified water and the music provided a sense of brutal power. Beat after beat, the quartet immerse the listener in tight time signatures and complex drummers whilst the vocals deliver guttural sounds so immense it's contagious. If this were to be an army, Europe is f*cked, the immense power delivered on this album is far more explosive than any atomic explosion and is sure to leave the album in the position to finish of the listener, who will be left for dead, simply slaughter music.

<![CDATA[GMA - Vol108 - Ascended Dead, Martyrd, Killing Season, Wanted Inc., Black Hammer, Deus Ignotus, Anwynn, Acyl, Fenrir, Nahum,]]>Sun, 02 Sep 2012 11:13:41 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol108
'Ascended Dead (Demo I)'

You cannot help but to think that the debut demo by Californian Death Metallers Ascended Dead was intended for raw publication only, even though released on a tape and at large deliver so-low produced music that it would take the 2020 version of the Dolby Digital System to even register the output at level 2 on the dial. Sure the release is not a total silent production, but as for its overall perception there is much more to be done before the band embark on trying to deliver their music to the masses. After all this is a sound that's meant to be depressive, occult-loaded and darkening, instead it may as well be dubbed 'bizarre'

'The Mortal Coil'

As bright as that classic New York sunrise, Thrash maniacs Martyrd make their welcomed return to deliver 'The Mortal Coil', a futile collection of modernised Thrash Metal tracks, designed to outwit the preconceived ideas the artwork delivers. Capturing influential essences from the likes of Dream Theater, Symphony X, Testament and Metallica, Martyrd are setting themselves up to become the next band to emerge from the metropolis of American Thrash Metal. With their infectious riffs shredding through the human senses like a pack of wolves on their midnight hunt and the drums providing a solid base whilst the vocals power the album forward into a sense of total destruction, the next stop is going to be an interesting one, 'The Mortal Coil' could very well be the album that see's them get a record deal.

'Killing Season'

One cannot help but to notice that it took seventeen years for these Illinois scamps to release something, it wasn't a disappointing wait either, welcoming home is the debut s/t demo by Killing Season, an eight-legged Groove/Thrash Metal machine of which has death written all over them. Playing Groove Metal in the style of Lamb of God and Thrash Metal in the style of Metallica, perhaps they should be called Metallica of God? This is the sort of band who love playing underground, playing what they want to do and it's evident on their demo that they stand for no-bullsh*t, what you hear is what you get, what's that Daffy Duck? It's Killing Season? Don't tell Bugs Bunny that, or he'll be forced to repeat the words 'that's all folks'.

'Demons We Created'

Teutonic Thrash Metal quartet make their second album sound sweet, they forget to put the cherry on the cake, that said 'Demons We Created' qualifies as a break-neck release. From start to finish, the five-piece blast holes in the silence around with the echoing sounds of the guitars, riffing up like a chainsaw about to desecrate the Bavarian forests whilst the vocals and drums deliver a sound only a V12 could equate to. This is an album full of everything, full of angst, breakdowns, quirky riffs and pure German engineering; sure it's nothing on the scale of Holy Moses, but it will please fans of Evile, Blood Tsunami and Testament. As for Wanted Inc. they could be the band Germany has been waiting for, a breath of fresh air.

'Darker Days Will Come'

2012 sees the premier EP release of French one-man project Black Hammer, 'Darker Days Will Come' explodes and ignites with the infinite dark sound of classic Blackened Thrash Metal produced by the musical magician known as The Iron Messiah. The music itself is raw and gruesome, just the way its meant to be, the vocals however are raspy and chilling, thus bringing into the affray an abysmal outburst of blackened horror, so evil it would make the French revolution look like a tea party. 'Darker Days Will Come' is designed for fans of Dissimulation, Aura Noir and Toxic Holocaust, even so 'Darker Days Will Come' and that's a fact.


Well apparently it seems that due to the financial situation in Greece that the metal scene is getting darker, as seen by the recent release by Black Metal duo Deus Ignotus, their debut album 'Christmation' has what Black Metal already is, fast drumming, sensational blastbeats and evil vocals, so there is really nothing new here at all, still it cannot be knocked as not a good release, it is brimming with technical playing at every minute and is sure to please many amongst the Black Metal subgenre, as for the band this is the beginning of something epic, something more epic than Mayhem.

'Forbidden Songs'

Now this is the sort of band to uplift the Belgian Metal scene, mixing together a myriad of metal styles to construct what we perceive as 'Angelic Heavy Metal', their debut album 'Forbidden Songs' takes pinches from Death Metal, Melodic and Symphonic Metal, Progressive Metal and Gothic Metal, so there is something for everyone, but don't let the soft genres fool you, the Death Metal vocals are as brutal as a warm pint of Leffe. 'Forbidden Songs' delivers an onslaught of majestic music, brilliantly executed vocals and delinquent melodies, this is the album to set this lot off on a storm across Europe, the time has come, Anwynn are set to take the Belgian Metal scene to new heights. 'Forbidden Songs' is an album which fans of Izegrim, Arcane Grail and Diabulus In Musica will like.

M & O Music

Mixing traditional Algerian and North African / Arabian sounds with the Progressive Metal sounds of the French metal scene is dual-nationality quartet Acyl with their genius debut album 'Algebra'. Authentic in every way, 'Algebra' provides listeners with a taste for original Arabian sounds and brings the atmosphere of being in the sands to life. With a percussive beat giving a dance feel and the vocals delivering that harsh and ambient feel to the music, all in all resulting in a release that has enough originality in it to be called innovative. 'Algebra' is a release that will please fans of Myrath, Orphaned Land and Anagesia.

'Echoes Of The Wolf'

From time to time you can be assured of specialist metal bands to arise from the depths of the abyss, so when Fenrir appear on the radar with their debut album 'Echoes Of The Wolf', you get the instantaneous pre-conceived idea its going to be a Folk Metal album, quite the contrary, in fact to be specific with the violin driving the melodies, the vocals providing heavenly choruses and the basic foundation of a metal band providing a solid backbone to the band, this is clearly the best Celtic Metal band France has ever produced. Laden with joy, adventures and sensational musicianship, the sextet from Nancy conduct a formula that any ancient druid would be baffled by, dragging the listener into the ancient times of Gaul and enriching their senses with what can be claimed as French Metal album of the year.

'The Gates Are Open'

It has to be said that Nahum's debut album 'The Gates Are Open' lacks any real vibrancy, sure the Melodic Death Metal / Thrash Metal combo plays well, but the overall feeling is that the vocals don't change level and so thus leave it with a set method of performance, however the music does offer some unique sound shifts especially on 'Equal', but for the Czech quartet the album in question is not a be all end all, for it does have mind-blowing drumming and heart-breaking riffs, so there are at times good and bad points, but the overall reception is a fairly positive one. It has sounds for every sort of metal fan, 'The Gates Are Open' and Nahum is 'nearly' ready to slaughter Europe.

<![CDATA[GMA - Vol107 - Nattergal, Murderous Instinct, Shebrew, Depraved Plague, Apparition, Prayers Of Sanity, Synodik, In The Silence, Disarm Goliath, Planet Rain]]>Wed, 29 Aug 2012 12:07:53 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol107
'Singular Disasters'

Even the most raw and atmospheric Black Metal bands have something extraordinary to offer and Nattergal is no exception, smothering the genre with cold, depressive and doom-laden feelings is just one difference, the fact being the project is performed by one female musician from Mexico is another, in fact her debut album 'Singular Disasters' has far more ambience on it than a session with the hippies. 'Singular Disasters' brings together a host of different styles of Black metal, moulds them together and delivers what one could perceive as one of the most rawest albums released to date, even so with the album designed for fans of evidently Raw Depressive Black Metal, it is one of a kind and should never be disregarded as a commoner.

'Manifestation Of Evil'

Those uncanny Scotsmen, producing metal music to piss off the English because we tend to fail at Brutal Death Metal, well when you take into account Aberdeenshire's Murderous Instinct, you get the nostalgic feeling of the many battles between the nations, Culloden for example. But you tend to realise, hang on, this album has got more than angry musicians on it, this is a damn good masterpiece. So when the Scottish quartet shed out their debut album 'Manifestation Of Evil', the production is acceptable, but the music is godly and so without any doubt whatsoever, what we have here is an album that fans of Excrementory Grindfuckers, Cerebral Bore and The Atrocity Exhibit will love, now where's my cooking haggis.


So apart from the fact the band's logo is similar to that of the iconic Star Wars logo, Brummie trio Shebrew come galloping out of the gates with their debut EP 'Provenance', putting together a juicy meal of Stoner Doom Metal to captivate the listener into a false sense of security, why? Well it's hardly Doom Metal at all, it's that sort of music you play when smoking weed at a campfire and hang out with the hippies, and it's mellow and delightful, if that's the best way to put it. But taking into account that this is a damn good starting point for the band, they may well get some major attention, or at least they deserve to, simply inspirational.


Well hospitals in Cambridgeshire must be overwhelmed with people suffering neck pains and other broken bones, the cause of the accidents can be blamed onto the infectious album release by Cambridge Death Metal mob Depraved Plague. This year the quartet unleash total chaos with their debut album 'Systemic', a futile sound of old school Cannibal Corpse and modern style techniques combined together to smash every skull who stands in their way, in fact scrap calling it Death Metal, the term 'Radioactive Metal' would befit them to the very cells from which they are made of, it's lethal, it's metal and it's 100% dangerous, Deprave Plague are on course to rival the world's biggest Death Metal titans, game on.

'For Vengeance... And For Love'

Making their welcomed return is Staffordshire's Apparition with their sophomore album 'For Vengeance... And For Love' and their unique style of soul-soothing Gothic Metal. Two years have passed since their 2010 compilation and the wait has been worth it, delivering beautiful female vocals with an atmospheric backdrop, this is a album that creates a feeling of relaxation, a sort of stress-release entertainment, but however the listener perceives it, this is a band that deserves credit and recognition as bringing a new style of Gothic Metal to the forefront, sure they are not on the same par as bands similar to them like Within Temptation and Delain, no, in fact they are one whole level above them.


Simply put the best ever Thrash Metal band Portugal has ever seen, enter Prayers Of Sanity and their awaited return with their second offering entitled 'Confrontations'. The second album delivers break-neck Thrash Metal in the style of Slayer-cross-Holy Moses and so what you get is forty minutes worth of total brain-f*cking material. Pummelling drums ride the waves as the guitars provide tricky and technically demanding riffs and the vocals blast out at a thousand M.P.H., all in all this together provides the algorithm for what can be see as Portuguese Metal album of the year. Think you know Thrash? Think it's just how fast you can go? Until you know this band you know nothing of the kind.

'Sequences For A New Matrix'

The storm is oncoming, this is the new sound of modern Italian Metal. Synodik emerge out of the underground with a new style of music developed on their own accord, enter Cyber Death Metal. Mixing the delightful sounds of keyboards and lyrics regarding technology and everything on par with that, it won't be long before this Italian lot are signed, rest assured. Their debut album in question is a myriad of sounds and as such totally obliterates any pre-conceived ideas about the sound and well quite frankly, if they don't get any global attention, then it will shock the whole global community that this is without any doubt Italian Metal album of the year.

'A Fair Dream Gone Mad'

If you're a fan of emotional and somewhat a little depressive music then you should not turn a blind eye to 'A Fair Dream Gone Mad', true its ideally Atmospheric Prog Metal, but even so the melancholy is enough to turn any priest demonic. 'A Fair Dream Gone Mad' is the debut album by Californian quartet In The Silence and it features eight tracks equating to forty-six minutes of ambience, rock and general misery. The composition is good granted but the overall release is a little bleak, its one of those albums that sits in the corner of the cupboard, gathering dust and yet fails to lose its lustre, although the irony is that it's meant to be dark, perhaps it is what it's stated as, 'A Fair Dream Gone Mad'.

'Born To Rule'

Instantly the whole Iron Maiden sound hits you like a raging bull high on illicit drugs, but when you dissect a band like Disarm Goliath, they do have some influences coming in from Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and Metallica (especially the solo's) and intriguingly they tend to have that Brummie sound; the home of metal. So when their sophomore album 'Born To Rule' comes out to rock the countryside, what it does instead is captures the essence of Heavy Metal gone-by and adds some modern features; we'll leave the listener to detect them. None the less, 'Born To Rule' is an album for the fans of Classic Metal and also bands like Kobra & The Lotus, Kaine, Merciless Fail and Rage.


Of course anyone would be mistaken to dub every Swedish Melodic Death Metal band the same, in truth it's just not the case, every one of them has something unique to offer, especially bands like Planet Rain who make their long-awaited debut album 'Antichthon' take flight in spectacular form. Delivering a fist punching wall of sound in the heaviest obliteration to date, this is the sound to smack the clone bands into line. 'Antichthon' hosts a brutal onslaught of outrageous riffs, emotional vocals and classic drumming; this is just the beginning of something magical.

<![CDATA[GMA - Vol106 - Temple Of The Maggot, Nathorg, Sirannon, Short Fuse, Eternal Dream, Menzia, L'Endeví, Eternal Chaos, Opvs Leviathan, Divine Codex]]>Thu, 23 Aug 2012 21:19:43 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/metal/gma-vol106
'Black Mass Apocalypse'

Two years have past and now the dark and disturbing sounds of Temple of The Maggot are back amongst us, the Mongolian duo, now based in Europe, return with their second offering of Raw Black Metal in its darkest form yet. 'Black Mass Apocalypse' brings more satanic traits with it and transforms the atmosphere into a bleak and spine-chilling feeling, not because of the music but because of the sensation the album brings with it. For the duo that have been going four years, this is their best release to date and is sure to please fans of Carpathian Forest and Darkthrone with grim intent.

'Beyond The Gates Of Bathory'

Nathorg could easily be the band to bring the Iranian Metal scene to the masses across the world, breaking out with their debut album 'Beyond The Gates Of Bathory', you can clearly see why these are the favourites to land themselves into the attention laps of global media, full on Blackened Death Metal at its core with hints of ambience and anti-religious hatred, coming from a land that's heavily influenced by Islam, this is a risky yet bold-statement of rebellion. Played in the style of Belphegor and Gorgoroth, Nathorg are sure to become the next Middle Eastern metal band to grace the covers of the British metal magazines. 'Beyond The Gates Of Bathory' serves up raw vocals, insanely fast drumming and soul-freezing riffs in one whole slab of forty minutes, think you know Extreme music? Think again.

'Semper Caliga'

2011 saw darkness fall and cloud over the Turkish cities of Izmir and Istanbul as the all female quartet Sirannon deliver their debut album 'Semper Caliga' which is loaded with really evil Black Metal. Mixing Paganism and History in with their music, Sirannon use their native language on some songs and bring a unique Middle Eastern / Eastern European twist to their music. Full of raw sounding guitars and really low-key vocals and non-existent drumming, this is a raw production all over and is sure to entice those who love really distorted music. As for Sirannon and their release 'Semper Caliga', it is just the beginning; they won't stop there, not by a long shot.

'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home' + 'Shred The Dead' + 'Annihilate The Masses'

California, the home of Hollywood, huge-wage earners, crime, the golden gate bridge and of course its bustling nightlife, but beneath the sewers of this huge state is a monster waiting to escape, its first appearance came in 2005 when it sparked fear amongst the community. Enter the six-piece band with a short fuse, literally. Explosive Melodic Death Metal on a grand scale, Short Fuse conjured up a fairly decent debut album and laid the path down to make their music something of the rare kind, innovative. 'Hate Brought To This Place Called Home' in fact back in 2005 was produced by a quintet, but still brought that edge that lacked in the Californian Metal scene, mixing the classic sounds of the aforementioned metal genre with their own unique attitude, much more was expected to come and it did.

2010 and the quintet became a sextet and in time for their sophomore album 'Shred The Dead' which has a greater and more powerful sound than its predecessor, weaving even more guttural vocals than a drunk German, coupled with blazing drumming and cutting-edge riffs, this is the exact sound Short Fuse will be identified by, 'Shred The Dead' is a masterpiece in its own rights and is designed to make the dead come alive and leave the alive for dead. Lashing keyboard elements to this release and in turn overthrowing their previous release into disrepute, for the elements drawn on this release are far beyond anything magical, they're simply non-descript.

Coming into the present times and Short Fuse deliver their third outing 'Annihilate The Masses' with even more gusto than their previous two efforts, it seems as every album passes they get better and better, although that's a generic concept for every band, but in respect of Short Fuse, they should keep this sound as is now, 'Annihilate The Masses' brings out a far more atmospheric feel via the eccentricity of the keyboards and elaborate piecing together of the drums and guitars, whilst the vocals do the powering forward of this monstrous beast. All in all the music is for fans of bands like Silent Descent, Scar Symmetry and intricate melodic death metal, just be careful of the explosive sound to be witnessed, it only takes a short fuse to get it going.

[5] + [7] + [8] RHYS STEVENSON
'The Fall Of Salanthine'

You know when fantasies and adventures have that certain feeling to them, well when you take six musicians from the autonomous region of Andalusia and give them a studio to work in, music flows freely, lyrics run like cascading waterfalls, full of drama, power and elegancy and yet the resulting crescendo comes as perhaps Spain's best answer to Within Temptation. Eternal Dream strap together the heavenly sounds of the female vocals with the fast and pacey rhythms of Power Metal to create a unique and diverse sound, a sound which can only be summed up as 'Symphonic Operatic Metal'. 'The Fall Of Salanthine' takes the listener on a journey through the roaming sands and mountains of the Spanish lands and resurrects the classical dramatics performed in the Flamenco. Strictly, Eternal Dream is the band to please fans of Blind Guardian, Within Temptation, Nightwish and Amberian Dawn, you'll never find a band like this quite again, simply magic.

'Lamb's Skin For The Wolf' + 'Way To Nowhere'

In the darkest corners of the autonomous lands of Catalonia, lays a Gothic Metal quintet of whom deliver much more than the average beauty and the beast scenario, it seems that Spanish musicians know how to flirt with the darkness at its best opportunities and so what came out in 2010 was nothing of the ordinary, the debut demo 'Lamb's Skin For The Wolf' was brought into this world and with it came an elegant stream of 'los sonidos del amor', or 'streams of love' in that the music delivers that romantic touch and feeling whilst backing it up with the solid beats of the drums and crisp riffing from the guitars and so with 'Lamb's Skin For The Wolf' now firmly set in stone, the next move was to become perhaps the most pivotal in the band's career.

Moving into modern times and there is a clear sense of musical adjustment, Menzia return to release their 2012 and second demo 'Way To Nowhere', bringing back with them their unique style of Gothic Metal in the style of Lacuna Coil and Delain. Putting together a host of melodic keyboard notes with soul-crushing percussion and guitar riffs and coating the music with a lashing of beautifully powerful vocals to produce a sensational demo. There is not much else to say about this demo only that it is a cleverly produced release and that it is sure to please many fans in the Gothic Metal vein, the band's next move will be an interesting one.

'An Eternity'

The sophomore album by Valencian quintet L'endevi could have been better, the vocals at times sound too forced and so completely undermine the true sounds of Gothic Metal. The music itself is spot on, adding a unique and dark feel to the atmosphere, but the female vocals are too much and so totally wreck the album. 'An Eternity' in a nutshell is a fairly decent release but it falls far short of anything ground breaking, sure it's due to gain some attention across the continent, but until the vocals are redone and the anger is thought through, sad to say L'endevi won't break out of the underground. If only they could add a keyboardist, now that would act as a great partner to the angry vocals, in fact actually the band have a lot of potential, they just need to find the right road to it.

'Dark God Of The Eternal'

Darkness was reported to have covered Colombia entirely on the 28th May 2010, when Black Metal quartet Eternal Chaos made their debut album come alive in the harshest and most evil kind of ways. 'Dark God Of The Eternal' is your classic Black Metal album, loaded with raw guitars, hellish and heavenly vocals and insanely fast drumming. For a Colombian Metal band it is surprisingly well executed but the same patterns here and there do drag it down a bit, regardless of that it is a decent enough album that will please fans of Darkthrone and most Black Metal bands, with this album now firmly set in stone, Eternal Chaos are flying the flag for the Colombian Metal scene.


It seems that Colombia has a knack of producing some rather interesting and musically intricate Black Metal, so when Opvs Leviathan call it time to release their debut album 'I:O:I', it could not be anymore greater produced than it has been. This is a band wallowing in the depths of Epic Black Metal, why epic? Due to the feeling of adventure riding on their debut album 'I:O:I', it takes the listener on a journey through the mountainous and drug-cartel lands of Colombia whilst keeping them on their toes with furious drumming and outrageous riffing. You know, if Opvs Leviathan ever set foot on European soil, they may well make the Norwegian bands wet themselves in their sleep, 'I:O:I' is that powerful, check it out if you dare.

'The Dark Descent'

'The Dark Descent', you might as well call it Technical Black Metal, let's face it, it features old-school Black Metal in the Mayhem style and adds technical elements here and there, so what you get effectively is a parallel sounding album, neat eh? So when the Italian duo Divine Codex releases this monstrosity, they unleashed with it a load of hell, maniac geniuses and sensational music precision. Wielding together a sound that bizarrely no other modern Black Metal band has even dreamt of and yet they remain pretty underground, well 'The Dark Descent' in a nutshell takes the listener on a journey to hell and back; remember the password out though, for The Divine Codex is a tough puzzle to crack.