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'77 For You (57 For Me)'

Smothered with enough rotten guts to make any slaughter house smell like a florists, Still Bust call the shots with their new EP
'77 For You (57 For Me)'. This 'tight-as-a-nun's...' unit have constructed a release that is set to assimilate anyone who cannot hardcore dance straight if either tipsy on WKD or wasted on beer; yes you can dance drunk, it's just not cool, but what is cool is the astounding and captivating sound these four chaps have lashed together. If you're looking for no nonsense lyrics, skull-cracking drums, outrageous vocals and skin-ripping riffs, then look no further as Still Bust promise to deliver that with their new EP, just remember to sign the will. For they will leave you limbless and lifeless, begging for mercy.

Pre-order the release here

For Fans of: Gallows, Agnostic Front, Dead Kennedys

"77 For You (57 For Me)" is out 8th September via Matt Records


'To Them We Are Only Shadows'

When it comes to electronic music, you would not immediately think of Iceland as a productive scene unlike it's metal counterpart. But when Worm Is Green drop their latest album
'To Them We Are Only Shadows', you get this feeling of a cold, bitter and crisp atmosphere, as if they recorded the album in the middle of the icy wilderness and not a recording studio. Much akin to the 1980's style of electronic music, but molded into the more modern contemporary electronic music sound, 'To Them We Are Only Shadows' has a vibrant sound to it, mixing a truly inspiration ambient atmosphere with delicate vocals that soothe the mind and soul, in fact this may well be called easy listening. Slow-paced, full of flavor and dark feelings brewing around the senses, yup this is one album any electronic music fan should own.

Download This: "Let's Just Live My Love" - Click to listen

For fans of: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sigur Rós, Aphex Twin



The UK has seen it's fair share of up-and-coming Metalcore bands in recent years, but when We Die Tonight come along and drill their flag of brutality deep within the pavements of London, the expectation of a full-on, face-punching onslaught is deeply expected. Hallelujah, the quartet's latest offering
'Solitude' wields together the unrelenting ferocity of Metalcore with the catchiness of Post-Hardcore, and then sprinkles on top elements of Technical Metal, Hardcore and Melodic Metal. We Die Tonight were never a complex bunch, that is, no fancy riffs and no flash sounds. This is well and truly shown on 'Solitude' where they slap down on the table, a megaton-of-Metalcore with such a ferocious force, your heaviest hangover has just been outclassed eternally.

Download This: "Create" - click to listen

For Fans of: Bury Tomorrow, Despite My Deepest Fear, Buried In Verona



For the more adventurous rock fans, attention should be drawn to the self-titled debut album by Finnish quintet Kesä. Simply because of two things, firstly they sing in Finnish and secondly they have delivered some rather spectacular music. Lashing together the more modern punk rock sound with the new romanticism movement and adding some industrial influences, 'Kesä' is perhaps the weirdest-yet-eccentric album to emerge out of Finland since the birth of the Finnish gothic rock movement. But the Finnish music scene has rarely disappointed and with this effort, it continues to excite, 'Kesä' is one album you should have in your collection, whether you can understand the lyrics or not. It's that exciting.

Recommended track: "

For Fans of: Sex Pistols, Tangerine Dream, Culture Club

'Kesä' is out 30th April via Svart Records

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'Season I: The Seeming & The Real'

Die Kammer are a rather eclectic mix of musicians, weaving together a sound that pinches elements from Gothic Rock, Classical, Cabaret and Chamber Music, as well as bits of Folk Music, they are a tough band to categorize in one genre. Evidently their premier album 'Season I: The Seeming & The Real' broods in the deepness of the guttural German vocals that give such depth and atmosphere, resulting in the instant connection with the early Gothic Rock bands such as Bauhaus. But what also makes 'Season I: The Seeming & The Real' a breath of fresh air, is the unique chemistry flowing free between the plethora of instruments residing in this musical adventure. To be quite frank, this album could easily be the perfect accompaniment to the Christmas celebrations or as a delightful listen at any folk or alternative music festival. Wherever and whenever you listen to it, you can be assured that Die Kammer are a highly promising group, let's see if they can continue this sound on their forthcoming release 'Season II: Views From The Inside' released next year.

Download This: "Labyrinths Of Despair"

For Fans of: Bauhaus, Drachenflug, Schandmaul


'For Whom The Sins Are Over'

Unleash the Italian stallion known as Screaming Eyes and be prepared to have your head blown off, this five-piece Hardcore mob unleash hell on their latest EP 'For Whom The Sins Are Over'. Soldering together the sheer velocity experienced in the original Hardcore sound with a modern sound of Metallic Hardcore, this ten-legged army whip out a sound that will make Italy shake on it's very foundations. As if the leaning tower of pisa is actually leaning, but if you add the sound of Screaming Eyes, it will be the fallen tower of pisa. Whilst the Hardcore contemporaries tend to originate from either the US, Australia or the UK, it is now the turn of the Italians to crack skulls open with such force that it will make your life not worth living, because 'For Whom The Sins Are Over', the virtues of Screaming Eyes are already in motion... watch this band with interest.

Download This: "In The Name Of The Father"

For Fans of: Alexisonfire, Hatebreed, Rise To Remain, Imminence



Possibly one band to watch in 2014, Californian sex-bombs Stitched Up Heart recently unleashed their highly infectious single
'Grave' and with it comes that classic alternative rock beat, aggressive vocals and very bouncy riffs, but this is no Paramore-gone-hardcore, by any means no. The single 'Grave' takes elements from the alternative rock, Gothic / emo subculture and add that unique sparkle to it to make it a single anyone should have on their music player. With that emphatic extreme range of vocal levels, tied in with a sound that speaks bags of imagination, 'Grave' is the song that will push this highly promising rock band across the Atlantic. It is so good, you would need to replay it over again and again just to conquer your thirst for more, now all that's needed is a house party as 'Grave' provides the perfect soundtrack.

'Grave' here: http://www.reverbnation.com/stitchedupheart

For Fans of: The Birthday Massacre, Evarose, Die So Fluid, 'hormonally-charged rock'


'Ill Be Waiting'

If you want the softer and more symphonic-eloquent form of Evanescence, then Hertfordshire crew Neverstar is for you, upon listening to their latest offering
'Ill Be Waiting' you can be sure to be welcomed by really sharp female vocals that will shatter your hearing so hard it will leave you gasping for more. Furthermore through the ingenious and deep emotional feeling coursing through the guitars and drums, the music created is one of elegance and beauty, now if Neverstar were to develop any soundtrack to any film then their song "Not Over Yet" would befit some of the scenes in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, it is that dramatic and unique and yet this could be the start of something remarkably sensational, released in 2013 and rocking out 2014, Neverstar's 'Ill Be Waiting' is a sound to remember and the band is one to watch with interest this year.

Download This: "Not Over Yet"

For Fans of: Evanescence, Within Temptation, Avantasia, Vanilla Ninja


'The Final Broadcast'

As if the cold war wasn't scary enough, here comes the Wales Post-Hardcore / Electronicore outfit Clear The Auditorium with their forthcoming EP
'The Final Broadcast', which they have set out to send reminders of how cold, dystopian and dark the post-WW2 times were. They have carried on their theme of a futuristic world that is full of uncertainty, promise and almost an Orwellian perception of what is happening and what could happen, even with their 'intermission' track delivering that totalitarian music experienced in the film 'V For Vendetta'. Sitting right at the core of 'The Final Broadcast' is the use of electronic music, moreover the use of morse code to introduce 'We Are The Danger' really sends out a sonic punch that is guaranteed to shake the Welsh valleys free of any exposed boulders, whilst amalgamating around the edges are crunchy riffs, funky grooves, emphatic vocals and sensational drumming sequences, all of which sum up to signal Clear The Auditorium as a GMA band to watch.

For Fans of: Linkin Park, Enter Shikari, The Progidy, Muse

'The Final Broadcast' is out 8th May 2014


'The Perfect Cult'

It's been five years since Deathstars, the Swedish masters of sexual "Dark Rock", released their well-received glam-tinged "Night Electric Night". Now the quartet is back (minus Cat Casino) and harder than ever.
'The Perfect Cult' glimmers with that extra special sound the band has mustered over their career, that sound that makes them who they are. With infectious Electro-Industrial keyboard elements forming the foundation for a monstrous assault of tripwire riffs, ballistic drums and Whiplasher's unrelentless and unforgettable vocals, Deathstars have shifted into fifth gear for what is poised to be the best album of their career. Adopting a dystopian and Orwellian attitude that is tinged with the darkness of their Gothic posterior and blackened hearts, it is clear that Deathstars are back in black and mean business... the kings of Swedish Dark Rock are here to stay.

Download This: "Bodies"

For Fans of: Motionless In White, The Birthday Massacre, Gothminister, The Kovenant

"The Perfect Cult" is out in June via Nuclear Blast: 13th (EU), 16th (UK) and 24th (USA)


'Killing Jimmy'

It's finally out, Killing Jimmy's self-titled EP is now out and unleashed upon the Essex rock wilderness. Infusing together a mixture of Punk Rock, Pop Punk and Alternative Rock, this Southend unit have certainly upped their game over the times gone by and with this release are sure to start making a name for themselves outside of their home county. As for the EP itself, it is spear-headed by Rosie's ability to unleash vocals that wallow within the likes of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, and with their musical foundation taking bits from the likes of Sum 41, maybe Busted but certainly not Girls Aloud (although Mark might disagree), Killing Jimmy are on the yellow brick road to breaking out nationally.

Download This: "Life's A Bitch"

For Fans of: Sum 41, Sex Pistols, Rise Against


'All That Remains'

Malta may not the be the first country to spring to mind when thinking of Alternative or Nu Metal bands, but quartet Indigo Darkpsych are sure to make their nation known on the music map. Their 2013 effort wallows in the darkened waters of Evanescence and Lahannya, is charged up with both Slipknot's and Korn's charm and is lead by vocals that Amy Lee would drool over all night. It's rare to find a female leading a Nu Metal style band, bands like Exilia and Infected Rain spring to mind, but as for this treasure,
'All That Remains' is the future sound of Alternative Nu Metal, loaded with infectious grooves, sensual vocals, catchy riffs and an atmosphere that is just as good as Slipknot's Download appearance. R.I.P. Paul Gray.

Download This: "Shining Inside"

For Fans of: Exilia, Slipknot, Evanescence, Korn


'Blood & Stone'

Well this certainly is an interesting project, coming direct from Herefordshire is the artist Sakara aka
Laura Sakara Marshal. This definitely sits within the Avant Garde music 
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'Delusions In Technicolor' + '8mm Lovesongs'

So what happens when Duran Duran meets Nine Inch Nails, simple you get Blue Movie. First off their 2012 release 'Delusions In Technicolor' takes the rock sound of first said rock band and the electronic and industrial influences of NIN and lashes them together. What you get on 'Delusions In Technicolor' is how Alternative Metal should really be, taking in that darker and more Gothic sense of rock music and adding the synthesizers in the background to give that chilled feeling. 'Delusions In Technicolor' is definitely bringing back the best of industrial / alternative metal to modern times, with vocals that Trent Reznor would be impressed and music that can be likened to the likes of Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, 'Delusions In Technicolor' is an album that ought to be out on the radio waves in in major stores, it is that good. But what about their first release '8mm Lovesongs'?

Well in an ideal sense, '8mm Lovesongs' is a little more industrial than later works, even so it does not reach the same level that 'Delusions In Technicolor' does. '8mm Lovesongs' brings out a more Gothic feel to it as well, for a debut release it certainly ticks all the boxes, it's powerful and it's different. Again it is not on the same par as later releases but it does pack a strong sound to it, a sound that broods in the past of early Disturbed and early NIN, but to have the two sounds crossing as they do without a total faux pas happening is just magical, there is not much to say about this release overall in that it does leave a lasting impression.

Download These: "A Nuclear Calm" + "Murder Will Out"

For Fans of: Nine Inch Nails, HIM, Duran Duran, The Rasmus

[8.5] + [7.5] RHYS STEVENSON

'Anatomy 101'

German Screamo rockers Kill Her First are the real deal, in fact their latest release 'Anatomy 101' saw daylight in 2010, Ok so that maybe some time ago but the album is still as fresh as preserved yoghurt. Mixing the attitude of punk rock with the fist-clenching power of Screamo and the embodiment of metal, this is crude attitude on legs. Whilst the musical concept may not be new, the sound this five-piece delivers is phenomenal. With a selection of songs on 'Anatomy 101' that spans across a plethora of different rock and metal styles, there is something for everyone to indulge into. Consider them a gem of the German rock scene because they truly add something remarkable to it. 'Anatomy 101' is guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of listeners.

Download This: "No More Games"

For Fans of: Alesana, early-Black Veil Brides, Anomie



To the non-Swedish speakers this release could be very interesting to listen to, whilst on the other hand those learning to speak Swedish ought to buy this album to improve their speaking and listening skills. 'Dalaplan' the self-titled album by the same band is a mixture of punk and Synth rock and is served up well in a unique way, perfect to play at any house party although make sure the furnishings are all from Ikea to get that entire Swedish feeling. Although some songs tend to have a rock 'n' roll feel to them, don't get put off by that as the entire album has something for everyone, whether you speak the lingo or not 'Dalaplan' is an album that is sure to get the band some well earned attention across Europe and the world. Dalaplan are poised to step into the Swedish rock 'n' roll hall of fame in the near future.

Download This: "Redan Död"

For Fans of: Paramore, ABBA, Elvis Presley, Ladytron

'Dalaplan' is out 18th September 2013 via Gaphals in the CD, LP and digital formats.


'Broken Idol'

Not being funny but Killaflaw's upcoming EP 'Broken Idol' should have been a Summer release as it packs some serious bass-line that would get even the most raving listeners of BBC Radio 1 onto the dance-floor and break-dancing, whilst at the same time the rock fans will be playing air guitar to the unmistakable Led Zeppelin influences flowing in and out of the waves of techno genius. 'Broken Idol' defines the new sound of rock 'n' rave and perhaps could spark off a whole new wave of bands adhering to this phenomenal sound. Liverpool's Killaflaw have certainly upped the game up with this new EP and evidently have proven that the musical boundaries can be taken beyond the limits. Latching together songs that wallow in the heavier side of bass and the slower side to rock 'n' roll, Killaflaw's 'Broken Idol' may well be their key to scoring appearances at Download next year... 'Broken Idol' simply leaves you gasping for more and leaves you totally speechless. Now PUMP UP THE NOIZE LADS!

For Fans of: The Prodigy, Led Zeppelin, The Chemical Brothers

'Broken Idol' is out 4th November 2013 via Wall of Sound Records


'The Grass Gets No Greener'

The artwork might be gruesome but that just sums up the vileness of Bleak Falls' upcoming EP 'The Grass Gets No Greener', make no mistake about it this Sussex balaclava lot will hurt your hearing with their highly propulsive and energetic concoction of Melodic Hardcore and merciless Alternative Metal, furthermore if you were to take a pinch of salt from the seaside resort of Worthing and sprinkle it over this tight musical unit, you have something that will almost certainly cause heads to turn in the coming year or so. 'The Grass Gets No Greener' implies that their music is wedged in the atmosphere of perhaps Doom Metal and having a rather emotional state, thus taking the warmth out of the listener before injecting the sound of Bleak Falls becoming a nationally recognized band, the storm has just begun...

For Fans of: Cancer Bats, Terror, Deftones

'The Grass Gets No Greener' is out 18th November through all digital stores.



The concept of having relatives in a project or band is not new, look at The Jackson 5, the BeeGees, etc, but to have a brother and sister in one project is not usually heard of. However what Shawn and Tracy Garrity do here is a similar concept to that of Australian industrialists Angelspit, two minds, two forces, two sounds molded into one. Their third album 'Funkeology' released early January this year shines brightly with the dual two-tone coming from both the rock and industrial backgrounds, think Led Zeppelin meeting Fear Factory, you get the picture. 'Funkeology' is taking alternative rock to newer heights and making it a far more adventurous, with the sound of a thousand cyber-beats pummeling away at any one time with the riffs and drums riding solo like two hells angels riding their Harley-Davidsons along to this phenomenal sound all the way down Route 66.

Download This: "Middle Finger Machine Gun"

For Fans of: Led Zeppelin, Rage Against The Machine, Fear Factory, Alice In Chains


'Nocturnes For The Divine & The Damned'

Once again the Canadian duet between Matthew Binks and Tammy Everett comes clashing together in a magical explosion of drama, music and elegance. Embracing the darkess with their second album 'Nocturnes For The Divine & The Damned', Under Heaven summon their sensational sound once again and delinquently deliver a performance reminiscent of many scenes in the Phantom of the Opera film. Wielding together the beauty of classical with the solidarity of metal, topping it with a dusting of new age and sprinkling industrial beats into the background, this album is a must have for any music fan. Crafted ideally to lay down and fall asleep to or ultimately drive home to after a rough and tough day at work or the gym, 'Nocturnes For The Divine & The Damned' by Under Heaven is the sound of the upcoming Autumn and Winter, when the fires are lit and the cold shut out, embrace the warmth of Tammy's vocals and the calmness of Matthew's composing as time slowly ticks by.

Download This: "The Ghost I Am"

For Fans of: Evanescence, The Military Wives Choir, Epica, Therion.


'El Sabor De Una Taza De Te'

Andorra is not really internationally known for their rock or metal music, except perhaps more recently for the metal band Persefone. So what about rock? Enter Catalan-singing quartet Mordigans with their mix of rock 'n' roll and Hard Rock, now you can jive to this music or you can place yourself at the heart of American rock 'n' roll in the 1960's, especially with the song 'I Love My Ways' sounding similar to that of Elvis Presley's 'Hound Dog'. It certainly is not the accent, but what makes this band all the unique is that they deliver a sound that is sure to get any classic rock fans bone tickled. 'El Sabor De Una Taza De Te' is the latest album by Mordigans and it goes without hitch saying that this release will be loved by those of the Spanish-speaking communities. However if they were to enter the Eurovision, their chances of success are relatively good, they are that good. 'El Sabor De Una Taza De Te' is a sensational release that will get Andorra dancing.

Download This: "Matador"

For Fans of: AC/DC, Elvis Presley, Queen, Radio Futura


'Chasing Skins'

Romanian Alternative / Electro Rockers Chasing Skins make their first move by dropping their debut self-titled album loaded with a sound that speaks a thousand volumes, just thinking about how Gothic Transylvania is and how this band can easily have the soundtrack to a modern version of Dracula, perhaps a Tim Burton adaptation? But regarding the album 'Chasing Skins', it glistens with the elements of synth riding on the classic sounds of rock music and whilst the vocals seem to do the commandments on this album, the music itself delightfully follows in behind to create an album that whilst is unique, it lacks that final panache in respect to the almost Industrial sound it tends to drag in. None the less it is a decent enough album that ought to garner some attention across the European continent.

Download This: "Use Me"

For Fans of: The Human League, The Rasmus, H.I.M.


'Black God Of The Hunt'

What with the Gothic traits bleeding out of the heart of the Finnish alternative music scene, it was only a matter of time before the latest installment in the EBM / Industrial style was instated, entering the 4th dimension is Erilaz with their sensational debut album 'Black God Of The Hunt', poised as a sonorous mix of Nine Inch Nails, Das Ich and the rudimentary classic elements of Beethoven wafting around the background, 'Black God Of The Hunt' was always going to be an album that spits fire, seeps ice cold atmospherics and radiates musical nuclear fall out. From start to finish, Erilaz conduct the elements so well that they form a sound that shall captivate a whole new audience. Elaborately binding a plethora of electronic music styles to the hard-hitting force of Metal music, 'Black God Of The Hunt' is definitely the sound of the forthcoming Winter, the inevitable cold and bitter darkness beckons...

Download This: "Kuolema Sinut Tänä Syksynä Korjaa"

For Fans of: KMFDM, Das Ich, Frontline Assembly, 'Suomi IDM'


'Liberties + Woe'

It's always a pleasure to recognize unique talent when it comes around, this time the spotlight shines on North Western rock scamps Bright Young People, whose upcoming single 'Liberties + Woe' glimmers with the old style Nirvana teen spirit and a wallowing between heavy pop rock and indie rock, whatever you want to call it this trio are sure to become a favorite amongst the Brit rock sphere, 'Liberties + Woe' carries a whole armada of catchy riffs, hooks, vocals and drum beats that would make 1960's, 70's rock come back to life once again. With two tracks that sit on opposite fence posts in the whole soft rock style, the upcoming single will almost certainly get these lads some well earned attention. Subtle hints of The Clash and Muse seem to drift in and out of the shadows on the premier track 'Liberties', but it is down to the listener to catch on to where those hints are.

For Fans of: Iggy Pop, Nirvana, Muse

'Liberties + Woe' is out 28th October via Evil People


<![CDATA[Alt-016 - The Cockrockets, Accidents Will Happen, EarlyRise, Ivy James, Carousel Vertigo, Digits, Remember December, The Areola Treat, Voltrage, BlackWolf]]>Mon, 02 Sep 2013 20:03:32 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-016
'Craters Of War'

Prepare to be wanked, willy-slapped, tossed off, eh the puns keep on coming (er-hem). Aptly named The Cockrockets, this London mob accentuate the brilliance found within the punk rock style, sure you cannot tie them down to one genre as upon hearing their latest album 'Craters Of War' it is clear they weave together a sound from an array of different styles and that in itself makes the album 100% unique. Don't expect any pleasantries or politeness circulating the lyrics either, this band does not know niceness, they only know how to flip the middle finger so precisely it would make your attempt obsolete. Expect groovy riffs to caress your hearing whilst the rocking atmosphere soothes your soul and the rest of the musical elements finish you off. The Cockrockets are sure to go far, but how far is the big question.

Download This: "We Don't Wanna Die"

For Fans of: Sex Pistols, The Clash, George Carlin-esque banter apparently.



Whether by fad or by trend, it seems to be the norm these days for rock bands to have a female vocalist and try to avoid the nastiest of cliche's as becoming 'just another Paramore wanna be', of course there are bands that defy that and do their own thing, Accidents Will Happen fall into that category. Sure their debut EP 'Prologue' glimmers with a whole array of different rock songs that will be sure to get anyone's musical taste-buds tickled, there is only one down side to the EP and that focuses one the song 'We Are', and the reason behind that? The guitar riff in the beginning (and throughout) does not bode well with the rest of the music, it seems well out of sync and should not be there either! Despite that the rest of the song dishes out a good sound and level of eccentricity. For the EP itself, it is a fair decent attempt by the band and with their minds firmly set on a sound, we could see more Download Festival worthy material being produced in the near future.

Download This: 'Time'

For Fans of: Don Broco, Biffy Clyro, 'down-right outrageous rock music'


'What If'

Bands like Earlyrise are so tough to pigeonhole into one genre, sure they are a rock band but they lace said music genre with elements of pop, electronic music and bizarrely some pop punk in the vibrancy of the vocals. Unleashing the beautiful terror from their sexy sensational debut album 'What If', the Illinois quintet have evidently primed themselves for taking the world by storm with their unique style of rock music. Now before you laud them as another Paramore band, no they sound nothing at all like them, if anything imagine them as the female-fronted version of Mallory Knox or Black Veil Brides (Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones era and minus the make-up). What with angelic vocals leading the front-line and the music itself delivering a full-on party sound that would liven up anyone's day or night, 'What If' could be debut rock album of the year easily and as long as Earlyrise keep this sound going, we could see them at Download Festival early as next year, watch this space.

Download This: "Face Me"

For Fans of: Mallory Knox, Black Veil Brides, We Are In The Crowd


'Ivy James'

Singer-songwriter Ivy James delivered her debut self-titled EP last year and to be frank it is something rather special. Having won a whole host of award nominations such as the Best Young Songwriter by the Toronto Independent Music Awards in October 2012, it is clear even with this EP that she has talent in her blood. Take for example the song 'Galaxies' and then listen to it next to perhaps Adele's 'Skyfall' and there resides a comparison in the vocals, that powerful and exhilarating deliverance that for an 17 year old is as close to as 'child prodigy' as you can get. Make no mistake about it her self-titled debut EP is going to take her places and as it gives her well-earned attention in her native Canada, with this effort now in the open I can see her making a name for herself across the Atlantic, especially in the UK. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a voice that emanates the softer rock side to fellow Canadian singer Avril Lavigne, Ivy James is a musician to watch.

Download This: "Ashes To Ashes"

For Fans of: Avril Lavigne, Katie Melua, Adele, Lene Marlin


'Mighty' feat their single "I'm A Comin' World"

What happens when two virtuoso guitarists come colliding on one stage? Total musical Armageddon. As America meets France with this sensational line-up, entering onto the rock circuit is Paris-based rockers Carousel Vertigo of which their 70's style of rock is simply awe-inspiring. Featuring a rally of killer riffs, exuberant drumming and Bon Scott-era AC/DC vocals that when coming altogether summon a sound that will crunch anyone's senses into overload.  'Mighty' is the band's debut album and on it is their upcoming single "I'm A Comin' World", what rock fans can expect from this lot is a smooth and sensational deliverance of high voltage rock that evidently will keep anyone rocking and partying all night long. Let's be honest, rock will never die as long as bands like Carousel Vertigo keep the classic elements intact, and wasn't it AC/DC who said "Let there be light, sound, drums, guitar. Let there be rock"? Boy were they right.

Download This: "Mighty Good Woman"

For Fans of: AC/DC, Aerosmith, Airbourne


'Acquiesce To Violence'

One ponders thought whether the band was meant to be an algorithm for numerical music, whatever the meaning behind the band is it's a good one as demonstrated on their upcoming re-release of their successful EP 'Acquiesce To Violence'. Taking pinches of influences from a plethora of rock styles, the North-Eastern scamps magic up a winning score to set their career firmly in motion. Featuring a spectacular array of rock songs that will get anyone dancing or waving their arms in the air, or whatever modern rock fans do these days, it will get you moving, guaranteed. Echoing in the footsteps of a whole plethora of punk and melodic rock bands, Digits are ready to slash the British scene in half as an 'Acquiesce To Violence', this is just the beginning...

Download This: "Golden"

For Fans of: Biffy Clyro, Hundred Reasons, Deftones


'Two Can Play That Game'

Canvey Islanders Remember December make their mark with their upcoming EP 'Two Can Play That Game', proving that their home place is not just an island known for the floods or the oil refineries. Carefully molded to deliver a powerful punching style of pop punk / rock, Remember December have gone full out on this one and with this effort as good as it is, they could be on their way to national recognition. Glass-shattering vocals drive this unbelievably emphatic EP to new heights for the band, whilst the solidarity in the drumming and crunchiness of the riffs sharpen the sound so much that you would need to put insurance on your hearing in case you become infected by the EP's sensational sound, this is guaranteed to get you hooked and rooting for the band, because with this EP they are sure to go far.

Download This: "Run With The Wolves"

For Fans of: 30 Seconds To Mars, You Me At Six, We Are In The Crowd, The Hype Theory

'Two Can Play That Game' is out 30th September


'Pleasure Machines'

Indie / Punk Rock from Malta you say? Correct. Making noise for themselves are The Areola Treat whose latest release 'Pleasure Machines' certainly fits the bill as a credible rock release, full of gusto and powerful compositions, I honestly want to see this lot representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. 'Pleasure Machines' delivers erotically charged vocals that are strapped down by the funky riffs and the solid drumming that pushes this release forward so much that The Areola Treat could easily be Malta's next biggest rock export. Most guys will get a bit of a reaction to the artwork as well as the music (if you know what I mean), but joking aside the artwork does reflect the band's attitude that rock music must be naked to get the true sounds out and what a sound it is.

Download This: "Subsonic Speed Shades"

For Fans of: The Clash, Kasabian, Sex Pistols


'Bad Reputation'

Franco-Belgian quintet Voltrage delivered a blast from the past with their debut album 'Bad Reputation' released last year, simply put imagine a helium-filled Bon Scott and the musical power of Guns 'N' Roses, yeah you get the picture. Voltrage are another modern day rock band obsessed with the 80's rock vernacular and with their debut album deliver a sound that truthfully emanates the greats of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Guns 'N' Roses, etc, etc. With high-pitch vocals delivering such a painful experience to your hearing, you may begin to think that Voltrage have a 'Bad Reputation' themselves, in that they have a 'Bad Reputation' for delivering sensationally rocking music, it is that bad it's good. Give their mark though because Voltrage will certainly appeal to the fans of classic 80's rock, make no mistake they are pretty damn good.

Download This: "Girls Gone Wild"

For Fans of: AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses, Kiss


'Mr. Maker'

Just what the doctor ordered, another rock act... well not just any old rock act, perhaps thee rock act to reboot the entire music industry and crush that glut of over-processed pop music that dominates the radio waves. 'Mr. Maker' is the latest single by Bristolian rock 'n' rollers Blackwolf and boy it packs a Jack Daniel and chilling moment in it, given the lads have been going just under two years now and have already amassed a plethora of feats including supporting Revoker, Voodoo Six and The Union amongst others. Now armed with this single and their foreseeable debut album, there is nothing that will stop BlackWolf from reaching the very pinnacle of the music industry. It would seem that the old ways tend to be the best as BlackWolf prove here, erotic riffs gently glide behind the sheer atomic power of the vocals, whilst the background generating of cymbal crashes and lush drumming deals with the solidarity of this track, 'Mr. Maker' would fit nicely on BBC Radio 2. Has anyone got Ken Bruce's number?

'Mr. Maker' is out on September 30th / BlackWolf's as of yet untitled album is due out January 2014

<![CDATA[Alt-015 - Sibyl Vane, For All The Wrong Reasons, The Fright, Elkupe, Shouting Signals, Circle Of Reason, Arc Light, Klogr, VulGarrity, Barbe-Q-Barbies]]>Tue, 09 Jul 2013 15:29:51 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-015
'Love, Holy Water And TV'

Estonia has had a rich history of producing talented rock and metal bands, fresh off the block and on the international scene is trio Sibyl Vane and their unique mix of pop rock with alternative twists and turns. 'Love, Holy Water And TV' was released last year and with it comes a sound that should get attention from all corners of Europe, already a hit in the Baltic nations, Sibyl Vane have earned their merit as the natural successor to Vanilla Ninja on the Estonian rock stage. I doubt they would be wanting to go into Eurovision anytime soon, but they tick all the boxes for that as far as I'm concerned. From 'Love, Holy Water And TV' expect an explosion of funky beats, happy upbeat tunes and a whole lot of fun.

Download This: "Quit Tellin' Me Crazy"

For Fans of: Muse, System of A Down, Paramore


'We're Not Losing, We're Just Not Winning'

Finally a band that the UK can call upon to send to the Eurovision Song Contest, only joking. They'd never stoop so low (oops), but when you are talking about For All The Wrong Reasons you are talking about one of 2013's most anticipated pop punk releases, 'We're Not Losing, We're Just Not Winning'. Currently unsigned, the Lincolnshire five-piece summon up a sound that should get the British rock scene buzzing, they are sure to get a wealth of attention in the months ahead. Heavy hitting percussion marred by sharp vocals and crunchy riffs, the forthcoming EP is sure to cause chaos across the breadth of the nation and as For All The Wrong Reasons gear themselves up for the awaiting release, the storm is brewing.

Download This: Who Died And Made You King Of The Zombies?

For Fans of: Sum 41, Deaf Havana, Story Of The Year, The Hype Theory

'We're Not Losing, We're Just Not Winning' is out 26th August via iTunes, Amazon and Google Play


'The Fright'

You have to admit at times, gothic-style rock is best left to the Germans, after all they tend to pull it off as well as the Finnish. For example take Horror Punk Rock 'N' Rollers The Fright and their self-titled album, instantly you can detect influences from bands like The Misfits, Murderdolls and the era when punk rock emerged into Gothic rock, nay Bauhaus, etc. 'The Fright' is a fangtastic album that spews out everything there is expected of a dark rock album, with chunky and electrifying riffs mentally strangling your senses until you wish to pass out and the vocals and drums finishing you off, 'The Fright' is a truly remarkable album and band. We may well see this lot explode on European rock scene in the very near future, definitely a GMA 'one to watch'.

Download This: "Cemetery Of Hearts"

For fans of: Bauhaus, Murderdolls, The Misfits, Masters of Dark Fire, Ashestoangels



Where on earth do I start, ok besides the fact being Elkupe is from Latvia and is supposedly a sound project, that is all we know about this artist. Sure the project's release 'Uzaust' dropped sometime this year, not much else is known about the artist. So all that can be said is that it features seven songs that are sung in the Latvian language and ideally feature a more rock-based feel to the music, on the other hand we would leave the critical judgement to the listeners because I for one cannot get my head round what this is meant to be, sure it seems a bit folk-like at times, but overall it would take a mathematician to decipher this one.


'Stand Your Ground'

Essex in the recent year or so has become once again a hot spot for emerging rock bands, the next band to join the ranks of The Hype Theory and co is Chelmsford rockers Shouting Signals. Featuring an array of uniquely assorted rock tunes on their debut EP 'Stand Your Ground', the five-piece do not mess about in creating a sound that will take them to dreams beyond their current dreams. Producing a line of delicious riffs that spark off the release with such power you will want to have your ears insured against the ferocity that lies in wait for you on 'Stand Your Ground'. With this charismatic sound now firmly set in stone and the band readying themselves for a hectic 2013, there is nothing to stop the band from Shouting Signals at the British rock scene.

Download This: "Breathe In, Breathe Out"

For Fans of: The Hype Theory, Mallory Knox, Deaf Havana


'A Favour For A Stranger'

Lashing multiple music styles together is no easy task, it's just not a simple way of constructing an underbelly and smothering it with a covering of another music style, it just doesn't happen. Even if bands like Circle Of Reason come on the block and find their middle ground between post-rock and alternative rock, it takes that little bit of magic just to exercise any layered sound to the masses, something of which this Southampton lot seem to have nailed on the head. Take their EP 'A Favour For A Stranger' and fully dissect it, right down to the individual riff and you'll find a multitude of different elements surging throughout, it will be interesting to see where this lot go on from here because they've certainly got a hard release to follow up to.

Download This: "Sea Of Voices"

For Fans of: Muse, Coheed & Cambria. QOTSA


'Arc Light'

It has finally come, the anticipated debut by unsigned Liverpudlian rockers Arc Light, their debut self-titled album comes brimming with a whole host of different rock styles to appeal to a variety of rock fans, from the upbeat 'You Will Not Believe' to the almost ballad-like 'The Cherry Tree' this release will almost certainly turn heads. 'Arc Light' features eleven tracks of scintillating music that you will not find anywhere else, well in modern times that is. Influenced by the likes of the Foo Fighters and Rage Against The Machine, you can clearly compare this music to said bands and ultimately realize that we could have on our hands a band that will become the next big rock act to emerge Liverpool since The Beatles made their famous mark on British rock history.

Download This: "Conspiracy (Safe With Me)"

For Fans of: Foo Fighters, Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave


'Till You Turn'

Klogr (pronounced Kay-log-are) delivered their latest release last year in the form of their album 'Till You Turn', expelling a beautiful mix of harsh vocals, unrelenting and furious music and an atmosphere designed to mindf*ck you till you wish you dead, Klogr set the tone for their future and it is that tone that will get them noticed across the abyss of Europe. 'Till You Turn' spews out a poisonous musical matter that will intoxicate you throughout. Since the band's name refers to the law of Weber-Fechner, developed in the second half of the 800s, which is known as the fundamental psycho-physical relationship (S = K log R), it would seem that this band has an avid interest in science. Well let's ope you know your chemistry and physics, because as this lot mix musical elements it will almost certainly conclude with an anti-gravity feel.

Download This: "Silk & Thorns"

For Fans of: Marilyn Manson, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance



This duo would be an instant hit in the UK no doubt, VulGarrity's elaborate mix of classic rock sounds with electronic elements and a heavy metal attitude is an intricate crossover result that will get everyone reeling with enjoyment. The Rhode Island siblings have delivered a phenomenal release entitled 'Funkeology', think Nine Inch Nails meets David Bowie meets Rage Against The Machine and you get some sense of what they sound like, however that is just the top layer of this duo as they implore a sound that is hard to find, epic synths in the background poise as an absolutely sensational foundation for the vocals to power through and the guitars and drums to add that all important beat to each track. 'Funkeology' is the futuristic sound of rock and rock fans everywhere should listen up, VulGarrity are making tracks to unleash on the world and aim for global domination.

Download This: "Karma's Got A Gun"

For Fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Joy Division, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads


'Breaking All The Rules'

With all the feelings in the world, nothing comes down to this. The all Finnish female rockers Barbe-Q-Barbies unleash pure classic rock 'n' roll with their second album 'Breaking All The Rules' in such a way that you can instantly dub this Finnish rock album of the year, without any second thoughts occurring. The new album comes brimming with all of the elements you would expect from an explosive rocking album and features a sublime finish to the sensational sound the girls develop through their 80's rock sound, by carefully combining a powerful booming array of vocals with cutting-edge riffs and unrelenting dynamics on the drums, Barbe-Q-Barbies are set to follow the Finnish greats of HIM, The Rasmus, The 69 Eyes and Hanoi Rocks and take this world by storm.

Download This: "Breaking All The Rules"

For Fans of: Vanilla Ninja, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, 80's rock.

<![CDATA[Alt-014 - Steak, Dead Cult Diaries, Meka-nism, Kamikaze Test Pilots, This Devastated Fan, Where The Skeletons Play, Paabel, Fuckshovel, Black Magic Six, Sounds & Scenarios]]>Mon, 08 Jul 2013 21:20:58 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-014
'Corned Beef Colossus'

Early assumptions would be that these four lads were once aspiring butchers until their selection of luxury meats were found to contain 100% horse meat in them, then again that's nothing for Londoners Steak as they unleash their latest serving of Stoner Rock in the form of their EP 'Corned Beef Colossus', a juicy and crunchy rocking sound that will get anyone off their feet and doing air guitar movements oppan gangnam style. Besides the intentional puns, 'Corned Beef Colossus' is a decent enough release that should appeal to a myriad of rock and metal fans alike, featuring a host of slick riffs that gently glide over the percussion and over rough, thick bass tunes whilst the vocals deliver the all important final blow, listeners in the end should consider themselves mince meat.

Download This: "Acid Dave"


'The World Is Too Small'

Considered to be a breath of fresh air for the Finnish rock scene, pop punk rockers Dead Cult Diaries get down to business with their debut album 'The World Is Too Small' released back in April, what separates female-fronted five piece from the Paramore trap is that they stick to their guns and create their own phenomenal sound that can only be described as a whipped up pot of The Rasmus, Vanilla Ninja and The Birthday Massacre via the stark similarity of riffage on 'Boys And Toys' which can be likened to the intro of 'First Day of My Life' by The Rasmus. The comparison with Estonia's Vanilla Ninja derives from the heavenly angelic vocals both vocalists share, as for the link with The Birthday Massacre, simply the electronic feel here and there. All in all, 'The World Is Too Small' is a factual statement and Dead Cult Diaries is the most anticipated Finnish rock export since the glory days of HIM, The 69 Eyes and The Rasmus.

Download This: "The Story's Over"

For Fans of: The Rasmus, HIM, Vanilla Ninja, The Birthday Massacre, Evarane


'The Dance At The End Of The World'

When it comes round to mixing different music styles to create something it can be a tricky business, but bands like Meka-nism make light work of it, instead they lauded the foundations of metal and rock music with a plethora of different elements including electronic music, opera, Japanese pop, folk, etc etc - basically experimental music. 'The Dance At The End Of The World' serves well as the band's latest release and explodes in a radioactive spectrum of colorful sounds, from the blackness of the evil vocals that drive the red-hot riffs and drumbeats, whilst the icy blue chilling atmosphere serves well for the green fading away on the heart monitor, after all this Floridian four-piece are the more softer and sharper kind than their fellow countrymen Deadstar Assembly, none the less it's a breath of fresh air.

Download This: "Tyranny Reigns"

For fans of: Ayria, Exilia, Deluhi, Alien Vampires


'Kamikaze Test Pilots'

English / Zimbabwean rockers Kamikaze Test Pilots sounded off last year with their highly anticipated debut self-titled album. Mixing together different elements taken from the Hard Rock, Punk Rock and Heavy metal music styles, the four piece (now three piece) fuse together a unique sound of traditional Zimbabwean rock with the brutality of the English metal. 'Kamikaze Test Pilots' takes listeners on a magical and bizarre journey that cannot be felt elsewhere, talk about ethnic music. This is a music style that no one else has ever mustered, think of the ragga style of Skindred being mixed with the traditional African music, you get the idea. A truly cosmopolitan release that should appeal to rock fans everywhere.

Download This: "Dinosaur"


'Plot & Debauchery'

Hailing from the North-West, Alternative rockers This Devastated Fan made light work of conjuring up a winning score for their third album 'Plot & Debauchery', squeezing out a delinquent array of melodies and sensational sounds that shows similarities with bands like Placebo and Biffy Clyro, whilst inevitably caressing and harnessing their own style of powerful rock. 'Plot & Debauchery' is a soundtrack that speaks more than a thousand words and illuminates up as one of those releases that should be in any rock fan's collection. An essential classic sits right here and has a lot of elegance going on that smothers the production so nicely, it sets the tone for future as a bright and prosperous one.

Download This: "Barricade"

For Fans of: Biffy Clyro, Muse, The Horrors and Placebo


'Blue Serotonin'

Let's be honest if you're looking for a duo that look like they come from Hollywood Undead, play music that would be apt on The Matrix soundstrack or have riffs that would be associated with a Nu Metal band and develops an atmosphere of eternal bliss, chances are Where The Skeletons Play are your right choice. Their latest effort 'Blue Serotonin' demolishes the rules set in stone and plays rock their own way, dragging into it a feeling of calmness and tranquility, which in hindsight is hard to do as rock is meant to be energetic, but this London duo do the exact opposite. It's the sort of music you could listen to and fall asleep too much more easily and without the need for sleeping pills. So on a dark night Where The Skeletons Play, a specific type of Blue Serotonin may be available... a blue pill.

Download This: "Perspex Queen"

For Fans of: Deftones, NIN, Razorlight


'Üle Järve'

Now this is something different, imagine this: mixing the traditional music elements of your home nation with contemporary music and then producing it as one musical masterpiece. Such a music group is Paabel who hail from Estonia, their 2012 album 'Üle Järve' is enriched with the classical sounds of traditional Estonian music with lashes of rock, folk and ballads. Funnily enough it is the sort of music that you could easily drive to, fall asleep to, you know easy listening? With some songs having an upbeat feel to them whilst others simply (with the beautiful aid of the Estonian language) sooth and calm the mind, leaving a tranquil emotion behind in the listener's repertoire. Paabel may as well be one of a kind, but even so they are an absolute delight to listen to if you like the softer side of folk and rock, 'Üle Järve' is an absolute essential for those who love soft music.

Download This: "Kosjalaul"

For Fans of: Gregorian, Eluveitie, Tyr, Dropkick Murphy's


'This Is What We Are'

Is this the Sex Pistols reincarnated? It would seem that way, well yeah Fuckshovel might as well be haha. Here we have their epic debut album 'This Is What We Are', a solid display of ballsy punk rock that would get the holiest of priests blaspheming all the way down to the pub, for proper holy water, er-hem. The great thing about the album and indeed this band is that both don't follow the Sum 41 root, that watered down version of punk rock aka pop punk, they stick to their guns and let the bullets do the talking, shredding out riffs and shrapnel-like vocals like no tomorrow. Given due that it took around three years for the first album to see the light, it was well worth the wait and at the same time the band have managed to prove themselves as proper modern punk rockers, 'This Is What We Are' has the middle finger written all over it.

Download This: 'Black'

For Fans of: Sex Pistols, Pantera, The Clash


'Brutal Blues'

You would need to be bloody drunk to appreciate this music, sure Black Magic Six are a decent enough Punk rock duo, but the verses in the lyrics are so damn repetitious, they need not to learn each song! 'Brutal Blues' is the latest offering by the Finnish two-piece and quite frankly, it's a little bit of a mockery at times when there are far more better bands out there that sound greater, perhaps it's ones opinion but the overall feeling from this release is utter disappointment. Credit for the attempt but for the overall product to actually reach a reasonable level, this duo would have needed double studio time just to adjust the corrections!


'Teenage Tendencies'

Pop punk these days seems to be as common as emo and scene girls, they are everywhere. But it's always the first wave that are the best, just ask Sounds & Scenarios. The Northamptonshire pop punk boys deal justice with their latest release 'Teenage Tendencies', it takes the very essence of early pop punk bands to the modern day and keeps the true sound going. Bouncy beats form the basis for the guitars to layer a happy smacking of riffs in time with the vocals. 'Teenage Tendencies' is a release that should put Sounds & Scenarios on the map, how long before Kerrang! sniff this lot out is anyone's guess, but they certainly are that sort of material, you can see this lot at Download in years to come.

Download This: "A Girl I Know"

For Fans of: Sum 41, Bowling For Soup, Busted, Mallory Knox

<![CDATA[ALT-013 - Failure To Follow, Heartless, Bree, Sibyl Vane, Fearless Vampire Killers, Someone Said Fire, Tazer, Enkelination, Seventh Seeker, Krad]]>Tue, 07 May 2013 08:00:25 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-013
'Walk Away'

Sometimes it's best to get back to the basics, other times it's best to not do anything at all, but what Bristol's Failure To Follow is done a bit of both. Their latest release 'Walk Away' spews everything out you would want from a Hardcore release but the downside is, this sound has been done before; there is no imminent difference until you listen to the release three or four more times again. Give due it is a well crafted release and is sure to give the band the credible attention they deserve, their chunky bass lines, no remorse vocals and chainsaw riffs serve well as a springboard for them to move towards greater things, but the main point is that in order to do that, they will need to change their blueprints and develop a new strategy.

Download This: "Dogs Of Hell"


'Certain Death'

Did you think you could walk away quietly? No chance, Heartless will not allow it. Excreting their next lot of pungent Hardcore Punk anthems in the form of 'Certain Death', the Pennsylvanian quartet take no prisoners as they unleash a mauling through eight solid tracks that leave compromises in the backyard rotting away. Primed for mosh-pit and your average hardcore dance, 'Certain Death' is one of those releases designed to piss anyone off, whether you're into classical music or unruly relenting noise, Heartless have done justice upon the plethora of want to be 'core' bands, this is the real deal, this is the faithful, this is Heartless and with 'Certain Death' on the horizon, you wouldn't want to hear the words 'I like trains' mind you.

Download This: "Mute"



There aren't many artists around that take influence from the early forms of rock 'n' roll, enter trio Bree who are fronted by, guess who? Bree. The three rockers from the downtown streets of Oregon deliver an outburst of classic rock that simmers brightly under the scorching summer sun, simply put this is a band that with their debut self-titled album are sure to garner attention across the oceans. 'Bree' is crafted by the brainchild Bree and signals evident influences from Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, The Who, Slade and bands / artists from similar sounds, to give you an idea 'You Can't Take The Heart Out Of Me' has a beat that is the spitting image of 'whatever you want' by Status Quo. None the less the debut album is sure to appeal to rock fans alike.

'Bree' is out 18th June 2013 via Werewolf Tunes


'Exposition - The Five Before The Flames'

Making their welcomed return is Suffolk's own Van Helsing clan, the Fearless Vampire Killers, the all  round rockers have unleashed another sensational belter in the form of their mini-album 'Exposition - The Five Before The Flames', five tracks of erotic and theatrical rock music that could serve well as a time piece, oozing chunky riffs and bass-lines that kick into touch the rest of the music to such a level that the term 'party music' may as well be an understatement when complementing this release. There is a clear shift in sound from their debut album 'Militia Of The Lost', moving from a soft rock style to a more sharper impression, as if they re-wielded the stake and glossed it with gold. But, 'Exposition - The Five Before The Flames' dips into many streams of rock that it can be compared to the likes of Mindless Self Indulgence and Ashestoangels and NOT like My Chemical Romance, like some seem to compare FVK to.

Download This: "The Thief - Merchants Of Decay'


'Dead Wasp'

Inspiration and originality are the two fundamental parts to making a release successful, ignore any of those and consider your work a dead duck. Sad to say Someone Said Fire are on that very borderline, sure their 2 track demo 'Dead Wasp' cooks up some grizzly and gruel Melodic Hardcore / Post-Hardcore, but the blandness in the screaming vocals on the song 'Dead Wasp' are enough to make anyone contemplate weeping. Ironically they improve on the song 'One Night Darker', but even then the percussion kicks up the dust in the wrong direction and in the end what you have is an demo that ok is exceptionable as a first time out but if they carry on this onto the next release, well who knows, it could be the worst move ever.


'All My Days'

The Midlands is a power house for bands throughout history and well Nottingham's Tazer is no exception, delivering an eccentric style to the classic rock sound that for this band resonates in the 80's style of rock, for example Aerosmith's 'sweet emotion' has stark similarities with the band's song 'Buggin' Me'. So what you get is four tracks from their EP 'All My Days' that is certified to appeal to those fans of classic rock and music with a party, rockabilly feel to it. It is bands like Tazer that keep the old traditions alive in a modern world dominated by musical trend and so what their EP offers is that feeling of driving down route 66 to the sound of Tazer, which quite frankly is a sweet emotion.

Download This: "Centrefold"



Fresh out of the shadowy London streets is quintet Enkelination of whom last year dropped their debut EP 'Enkelination' from which explodes in the sounds of Melodic Metal. Sounding along the lines of bands like Aonia and Gone Til Winter, this female-fronted ensemble show off their unique style of heavenly angelic vocals and subtly done hard rock / heavy metal music. Whilst producing this elaborate sound, the unique thing about this band is that they drag in a dark and Gothic atmosphere that resonates in comparison with Within Temptation, except the former is a more operatic style. No question about it with this under their belt, Enkelination are sure to take the nation by storm in 2013. Watch and hear as the next most exciting London band takes the rest of the UK down with their operatic melodic metal.

Download This: "Never Ending"


'Angels Temptation'

Hailing from the South coast of England is Seventh Seeker, a five-piece melodic hard rock / metal ensemble that has enough energy to unleash a powerful release, that release being their demo 'Angels Temptation', a more advanced version of the now defunct Tainted Grace and yet as the female-fronted group conjure up some rather banging rock tunes, the core of this luscious sound is the rocked up Evanescence sound that drags the release itself to a level never before explored. Angelic vocals shine the light over the quirky riffs and solos that bind the solidarity of this five-piece unit together. 'Angels Temptation' is another modern example of how rock music is continuously  renewing itself, whilst at the same time provides a glimmer of hope that Seventh Seeker are going to become a nationwide favorite.

Download This: 'Sunburnt'


'Behind The Laws'

Usually in the Atlantic Ocean, there are volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes and other geographical or meteorological events, but on this occasion arising from the Portuguese-speaking nation of Cape Verde is a fresh faced rock / grunge act called Krad. 'Behind The Laws' comes as the band's new single from which will be also on their upcoming as-of-yet-untitled EP. Featuring a raw and fuzzy guitar sound that rips through the senses like a cheetah chasing antelope, blasting the mind apart with high voltage rock and setting a atmosphere up that constitutes a sound of hard and heavy grit as well as a style of music that will make people wet themselves. 'Behind The Laws' is a sure sign that this band are promising a good EP to come and as a result are flying the flag for the Cape Verde rock and metal scene.

<![CDATA[ALT-012 - Dark Shadows, Eva Jade Landon, Midnight Syndicate, Armonight, The Dropper's Neck, ...soihadto... , Under Heaven, Cartel, Escape The Fate, Words]]>Sun, 28 Apr 2013 11:05:00 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-012

'11:11' might be the time that the release was finished at, whether it was or not it is a gracious album that crosses every T and dots every I in the Post Punk / Gothic Rock chambers. The band behind the blast is Dark Shadows, hailing from Australia this trio take the old school sounds of Bauhaus and The Cure and weave a new sound to the masses. Engineered to epic levels, '11:11' is a classic example that the old ways are usually the best and in this case Dark Shadows do well to prove this to be the truth. In fact, fans of Siousxie & The Banshees may well relate to this lot more than the Bauhaus fans, but that is anyone's guess. Salient point behind this luscious release is that has enough vibrating energy to capture a whole new audience.

Download This: "Blame"



Electro-pop / Power Pop Music is usually a goldmine and when artists like Eva Jade Landon come storming out of the underground with such a level of creativity that eclipses the likes of Carla Rae Jepsen and Lady Gaga, you know something is coming. The latest release 'Evalution' is a non-stop torrent of electric music that would get anyone on the dance floor, raving and ripping out all of life's worries on a Friday or Saturday night. If the release was a freshers week, Eva Jade Landon would be the one tipping plenty of different sounds into the mix to end up with a cocktail that is deserving of mainstream attention. 'Evalution' carries everything one would want for a dance anthem soundtrack, even so it would seem doubtful that she will go quietly and as a result Europe better be prepared for what can be dubbed as the next greatest electro-pop export from the USA. This is more than a musical evolution, this is a musical 'Evalution'.

Download This: "Walk Away"


'Halloween Music Collection'

Perhaps this maybe the ideal soundtrack or soundtracks to a horror or Gothic fiction franchise, sure not on the scale of the Saw heptology but in essence Dracula, Van Helsing and the like. In fact, Midnight Syndicate of whom are a duo from Ohio, create an atmosphere that circulates the darkened surroundings found when listening, so much so this would be ideal to listen to on a ghost hunt or when camping out near a graveyard as most goths would agree this music is exceptionally unique and utmost emotionally connected to personal feelings and the like. 'Halloween Music Collection' is a twenty-two track filled release that will keep many mesmerized for a long, long time and overall is an essential for those who like the old style of Gothic music, stretching back to Gothic church music.

Download This: "Awakening"


'Tales From The Heart'

The Italian musicians love their Gothic music, it is as if they were born to be goths or at least dress like them and play music relating to the subculture. No wonder then when sextet Armonight unleash a torrent of darkened melodies via their release 'Tales From The Heart', they do so with a sensational outburst of angelic vocals, blade-swiping riffs and solid drumming, all of which together add up to develop an atmosphere that could be likened to bands such as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil. This is what you call heavenly music and bodes the band well, as they are sure to garner greater attention over the next few years as they share with the listener, the stories and 'Tales From The Heart' that binds this band together.

Download This: "When You See Me Cry"


'Second Coming'

Essex in recent times has had a sudden upsurge of rock bands from all strains of the music virus, so when a bunch of lads known as The Dropper's Neck set sail to release their debut album 'Second Coming', much is riding on this release. What strikes immediately is the inescapable fact of them owning their own sound and not a recycled clump of 'been-there-done-it' music. Call it Alternative Punk Rock but with a few added twists here and there, such as similarities to bands like The Horrors and bizarrely the vocals draw comparisons with the late 70's Gothic rock era, namely the Bauhaus song 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'. But as standard the album is sure to turn heads as this lot are certainly Download Festival material (let's hoping they're paying attention).

For Fans of: QOTSA, Pulled Apart By Horses, Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

'Second Coming' is out Monday 29th July 2013 via major outlets.



Besides a really bizarre name, the Baltimore boys finally unleashed their self-titled album. What comes with it is a rather inexplicable event, basically it's experimental rock but without any experimentation as such, confusing eh? '...soihadto...' can be labelled as one of those albums (and bands) that somehow do not know where they want to go with their music, regardless of how clean and organized the finished production is, the band are all over the place. On the other hand it would seem that benefits this lot to the core, but sadly as a result it lacks elements of class and so whilst the band have deservedly crafted a decent enough album, it is not cutting edge and nor is it anything special, just another album.

Download This: "Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso"


'What Lies Between'

Reminiscing of the bygone chamber opera music era is easier said than done, unless of course you are indulging in Canada's Under Heaven and their latest album 'What Lies Between'. Silencing the darkness and harnessing a symphonic sound has not proven to be much of a challenge for the duo, even if the elaborate background sounds of the violin and Spanish guitar adds a unique style to the framework laid out by these two musicians. This is no Within Temptation, no Epica or no other Symphonic Gothic Metal band that sounds anything like the aforementioned two bands, no Under Heaven are in their own league and with 'What Lies Between' firmly set to get them some well earned attention, this could be Canada's finest hour.

Download This: "Behind The Shadows"



The instant feeling that this could be the sound of the summer is already on the tongues of many people, well for starters Cartel employ that specific style of rock that would go down well playing on a stereo whilst working on a sun tan or having a garden party. In fact 'Collider' the band's fourth release exploits the bouncier and more chilling side to rock as to set the tone for what could be their best release to date. Spewing out a myriad of influences, Cartel are priming themselves to take their calming rock music to greater heights and are sure to grab the attention of more people along the way, what separates this quartet from the other pop rock all-male bands out there is that they keep the listener on their toes as the unexpected drops every seconds.

'Collider' is out 20th May 2013 via LAB Records



Take Escape The Fate as a ten-legged machine as they simply do not slow down, preparing to unleash their best album to date, the American Post-Hardcore suave experts return to the core that made this band what they are today. Catchy riffs embedded on a funky rhythm that would make bands like Guns 'N' Roses listen up, whilst at the same time the vocals command a whole new sound, powerful cleans and mind-blowing growls that tussle for control against the eccentric harmonics erupting from the erotically charged guitars and sublimely inserted auto-tune snippets. If this is not the soundtrack of the summer, it is without any doubt the soundtrack that Escape The Fate will live on by, 'Ungrateful' is the TNT of Post-Hardcore and explodes on every dimension in every possible direction.

Download This: "Forget About Me"

'Ungrateful' is out 13th May 2013 via Eleven Seven Music


'Division Of The Masses'

Wallowing in the minefield of Post-Hardcore wannabes, are a group Californian gold miners by the name of Words. Sure the vocals at times are not completely related to Post-Hardcore and more or less sometimes stray into Melodic Hardcore as a result. But here we have the EP 'Division Of The Masses' which the product of Words and words are exactly what will be said after music lovers clock up this EP. The saddening thing is that there are points where one would expect harsh vocals to be at but they fail to materialize and so in some parts of the songs, the momentum is lost. Overall the EP is a valiant effort, but with some tweaking and fine restructuring, Words could become a potential for breaking out into the international scene.

<![CDATA[ALT-011 - Jet Pack, Our Final Hour, The Dark Plains, Sahara, Sixtyfours, Speed Machine, Wolfredt, Acelsia, Microwave, Die Kur]]>Wed, 10 Apr 2013 17:40:54 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-011
'Chasing Sunsets'

There aren't many bands that sound unique from the off, so when bands like Jet Pack propel themselves out of the underground and into the national limelight, we could see them becoming placed alongside the likes of Mallory Knox and Verse of whom in recent times exploded like fireworks. That said, the four-piece from the West Midlands could not emerge on a better note than by releasing their latest EP 'Chasing Sunsets', which essentially is a delicate balance of pop punk and alternative rock ballads, with a sharp and calm atmosphere as well as the flavor of a fruity range of influences and similarities, it is clear that Jet Pack will make an impression on the nation in 2013 and ultimately power themselves to greater heights, let there be lift off!


For Fans of: Jimmy Eat World, Reuben, Blink 182, Foo Fighters, Taking Back Sunday

'Chasing Sunsets' is out Monday 6th May 2013

'The Moving House'

From the depths of the Irish sea arises one frantic band from the Post-Hardcore music genre, enter Our Final Hour with their latest EP 'The Moving House' and their fist-punching wall of sound. Hitting hard on all fronts, the five-piece drag together elements of furious drumming sequences with the erotic emotions excreted by the savage riffs and of course the vocals delivering a heavier performance than a WWF match. 'The Moving House' spews out a ballistic sound that will, without a doubt act as a solid foundation for Our Final Hour to build upon and endure international success as they fill in the blanks and position themselves as such, to become what can easily be dubbed the greatest band the Isle of Man has ever seen since The BeeGees.


For fans of: Defeater, Stick To Your Guns, Pianos Become The Teeth

'The Moving House' is out 24th June through all stores

'Come On & Get Some'

Instantly when hearing this EP, certain influences come blurting out, give the track 'Look Around' and you get stark resemblances to Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Californication". But perhaps that what makes grungers The Dark Plains tick, the groovy side to rock music and when taking into account their latest release 'Come On & Get Some', there is a myriad of different sounds emanating from each song, as if they whipped together a bunch of influences and strapped them together. You got Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc - basically you would have to be a 80's to 90's rock expert to pluck out every single reminiscing sound to professionally pigeonhole them, they are that varied in song context. But what 'Come On & Get Some' does is it delivers a rock sound that at first may elude some as being another basic, bog standard release, but in truth is a masterful wonder-piece that will get heads turning.

Download This: "Look Around"



Basingstoke's Sahara sum up an ingenious selection of math infused Indie Rock with their four track EP 'Intox', from the start it seemed to be a bit of a boring release but once past the introductory track and onto the first song "Coming Down", the real sound begins to kick in and in the background there is a lot of math rock going on, somewhat similar to progressive rock if you like. But the core sound of the release is the Indie Rock style, drawing comparisons to The Horror's 'Skying' and bands like Minus The Bear. Love it or hate it, 'Intox' is a unique EP in it's own rights, but like many releases has it's drawbacks and one major one is there is at times too much going on, what with a slower rock sound on the forefront battling a math rock sound that sits in the background, it can get rather too much.

Download This: "Bloodhound"


'All On You'

Every so often a band will come out of the darkness and will deliver something new to the scene that has not been explored before or has been explored but not in great depth. Therefore enter Warwickshire quartet Sixtyfours with their latest single 'All On You' which, get ready, mixes rock with the technical side of hip-hop. Exactly. Hip Rock, get it? No? Oh, well basically what rock fans can hear is not unlike Linkin Park but nowhere near sounding the same, simply imagine the rock style of funk rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers slamming into the hip-hop 'bruthahood' of LL Cool J and the like. But whether you like hip-hop or not, the fact is this band will make waves in the next year or so and as the band prepare for their next release, its 'All On You' the fans to push this band beyond their wildest dreams.

Download This: "My Sound"


'Speed Machine'

Picture this you're driving down Route 66, you have just listened to Chuck Berry's 'riding along in my automobile' when you switch radio station in your car (or as you could call it your speed machine) and on comes an English Hard Rock band of the same name you called your car. The instantaneous reaction is of that you would find from films like The Cannonball Run, a quick surge of no nonsense, ballsy classic rock and with it comes the sensational power of vocal-driven music by this four-piece. The band's three track release of the same name spews out the same sort of rock you would listen to driving down the highway, nay evidential 80's rock is performed right here and can be likened to songs like 'Humans Being' by Van Halen and bands of the same class. The fun side of this release is that it carries the feeling that you can easily chill out without worrying that it could develop into a jive or even a jitterbug, even Elvis Presley would party to this sensational piece of music.

Download This: "Speed Machine"

For Fans of: The Candy Runts, Aerosmith, Van Halen


'Lullabies To Vilhelmine'

One for the calm and soothing music fans, well also the electronic fans too, in fact Wolfredt's latest release 'Lullabies To Vilhelmine' delivers a smooth and dreamy feel to the atmosphere whilst the electronic parts add a sort of surreal escape to the whole dimension of the release. Originating from Estonia, Wolfredt is a project led by one Margus Voolpriit who is a musician for some prominent indie bands in the same country, but what is different from that music to this music (besides different genre) is that Margus Voolpriit lets his musical talent run wild and so what you end up with as a result of this free constructive power is an album that truly represents his own thoughts, character and feelings and that can be detected through the ever-changing tempo of the music, from the quirky sound of 'In Dreams' to the more rock-laden sound of 'Things That Remain' and so what listeners will tend to realize is that this album is like a rainbow, a musical spectrum.

Download This: "Silent Heartbeats"


'Dont Go Where I Can't Follow'

The debut album by Norway's pop rock / doom rock ensemble Acelsia is finally upon us, 'Dont Go Where I Can't Follow' unravels a darkened atmosphere and lays it out across the release, like a blanket of mist with eerie sounds come from all corners of the area. But, what makes
'Dont Go Where I Can't Follow' different from all of the other pop rock bands is that they use doom metal influences in a sort of depressive and bleak manner, as to light up the darkness with a darkened, light feeling of conflicting emotions and sounds, from this comes a debut that would appeal to many rock fans alike but also those who love poetry and tragedies.

Download This: "Up On The Roof"


'Thời Gian'

Calling from the Far East is Vietnamese rock veterans Microwave who way back in 2009 released their latest album 'Thời Gian', from this feast from the east comes a cooked sensation of powerful and aggressive Hard Rock / Heavy Metal aligned with the band's native Vietnamese language, so when the quintet course through their album like a pigeon with its tail on fire, looking for water to cool off in, the result is a desire for more of the same thing. 'Thời Gian' is a culturally musical experience to those outside of Vietnam and for those inside the country, it's a personal connection, but one thing that both can agree on is that Microwave are certainly Vietnamese rock legends.

Download This: "Chỉ Là Giấc Mơ"



Die Kur or The Cure if you prefer, is an Industrial / Electro Metal outfit from the downtrodden darkened streets of London, armed with their latest effort 'Era', they deliver the early style of Industrial music, in fact likening to bands and projects like Pain, Marilyn Manson (although not as creepy), etc. What you find here is electronic beats and vocals that coalesce with the very foundations of Industrial Metal that were set out by prominent bands like Nine Inch Nails, however with the Londoners displaying a solid piece of music, the result is one that would elude most peoples perception of said music genre. This is no Rammstein, this is no Deathstars, this is Die Kur zu alle volk von England und diese band sind sicher die Industrial Metal Szene beleben in London.

Download This: "(Meeting) The Gatherer"

<![CDATA[ALT-010 - Evilyn, Black Market Serotonin, AYS, King & Country, Get Off My Shoes, The Marquis of Vauderville, Let's Talk Daggers, Apherium, Milestone, The Hype Theory]]>Thu, 31 Jan 2013 18:56:56 GMThttp://globalmetalapocalypse.weebly.com/alternative-music/alt-010
'The End'

South London is now being graced by one promising band known as Evilyn, these four lads take influences from a range of different bands such as Muse, 30STM, A7X and AFI, whilst threading together their own unique sound package as found on their double A side 'The End', interestingly enough this music could also be taking influence from bands like Bauhaus and the whole goth, punk and new wave styles, so the music itself has a whole range of different times flowing through it, but the release is sure to capture much attention as a starting point for this band to build achievements on, sure the second song has some comparisons to steampunkers Fearless Vampire Killers, but Evilyn are a different kettle of fish and it's that obvious fact that makes them a one to watch in 2013.

Download the double A-side here: http://evilyn.bandcamp.com/album/the-end


'Something From Nothing'

At first it seems that 'Something From Nothing' the debut album by Manchester's Black Market Serotonin is a redeveloped 80's synth rock megalithic release, but closer inspection reveals elements from David Bowie and the modern sounds of Deftones, Porcupine Tree and Muse, evidently drawn from their collaborative mix of progressive rock and synth elements and also how the trio manage to keep their unique sound going without deviating to established sounds. 'Something From Nothing' is an album that oozes delicious riffs, sensational drumming and emotional vocals, all of which when brought together deliver a sound that will echo throughout 2013 as the band set their eyes on exploding all over the British rock scene.

Download This: "The End of History"

'Something From Nothing'
is out Monday 29th April 2013 via Superstar Destroyer Records

'Suburban Haze'

On the dawn of their 10th anniversary, Germany's self-confessed Hardcore Punk addicts AYS unleash hell with their upcoming new EP 'Suburban Haze', oozing vocals that are guaranteed to make you sick in the stomach as well as killer riffs and powerful drumming. However that's just the basics of it, the intricate composure and face-smacking sensation that comes as a result by the all-out assault by this five-man machine, AYS are gearing themselves up to slaughter Europe with their killer sounds, just make sure health and safety are on sight as there may be a moshpit within a moshpit. 'Suburban Haze' should also come with a health warning that serious headbanging may also be induced, the next step from these Germans will be an interesting one.

Download This: "Orphans"

'Suburban Haze' is out 8th March 2013 via Let It Burn Records


"Snowdonia is set to experience a new style of earthquake"

The amazing thing about the Welsh rock and metal music scenes is that it seems to be always the southern regions that produce said music, a modern example comes in the form of King & Country of whom comprise of four laddies hailing from Bridgend and the musical talents derived from elements that come from the classic pop punk / post-hardcore style, namesake on par with Lower The Atlantis and newcomers Mallory Knox, but what sets aside 'Mountains' as a must have EP this year is that the four tracks extrude a variation of sound to cater for many tastes and with their evident display of punching the right musical notes, King & Country are sure to set the nation on fire with their sensational rock anthems.

Download This: "Soldiers"
For Fans of: The Blackout, Story of the Year, Lower Than Atlantis

"Mountains" is out 6th May 2013 via the band and online digital retailers

'Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World'

Somewhat of a newcomer to the European front-line, or are they? Three years in and Belgium's hottest new Indie rockers come rolling into town to drop their highly-anticipated debut EP 'Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World', it features a catalogue of songs whirling around the core of the release in all different directions, taking on board influences from bands like Bloc Party and Weezer, they are sure to make an impact in 2013 and perhaps may wind up on the covers of Kerrang! Magazine. 'Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World' is the new sound of Indie Rock and it is a damn good starting point for this five-piece, so instead lets rush out and tell the world that Get Off My Shoes are now Belgium's hottest rock export.

Download This: "We're Going Down But We Don't Care"
For Fans of: Weezer, BlocParty, Foals, Two Door Cinema Club

'Let's Not Rush Out And Tell The World'
is out Monday 1st April 2013 via Thanks But No Thanks Records

'The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts'

Steampunk is almost certainly on the up-rise as a recognized musical form of art, bands dress in Victorian style dress and play an eclectic music mix, Dallas' The Marquis of Vauderville is no exception, weaving together a luscious mix of progressive rock and psychedelic punk rock to deliver their nineteen-track opus 'The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts' of which spews out similarities to that of David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust), Pink Floyd and The Cure, consequently this is another album that most rock fans will adhere to, however for the Goths, Steampunks and passionate people of Victorian times, this is a memento of epic proportions.

Download This: "Bright Star Hope"
For Fan of: The Cure, David Bowie, Pink Floyd

'Fantastic Contraption'

Built and constructed to ignite riots simultaneously across the rock scene, Lets Talk Daggers may require anger management as they unleash their upcoming mini-album 'Fantastic Contraption', what emerges initially from this release is a mixture of brutal slaying drums that are sliced apart by the savage sounds of the riffs and vocals together. Some may dub them 'anarcho-punk', but in reality they are a gruesome mix of punk hardcore, screamo, alternative rock and fast music, faster than your last ejaculation, that said as the band pumps out more fluidity in their music, it gets to the point where The Dillinger Escape Plan and Fall of Troy come head on together and the result is grizzly, besides the release title may be an indirect Wallace & Gromit pun.

For Fans of: Fall of Troy, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Blakfish.


'Fantastic Contraption' is out via Tangled Talk Records on 25th March 2013
'The Cycle'

What happens when a band forms and broods in a place that is hardly known for rock or metal bands? Total hegemonic chaos, arising from the knowledge that bands like Apherium know they are fighting to put their home town of Yeovil on the map, but when taking into account their debut album 'The Cycle' and the sound they aim to deliver, it can't be helped but notice that this could be a winning score. Pinching influences from mainly Post-Hardcore, Punk Rock and Thrash Metal, Apherium weave together a sound that may prove yet to be the one that will attract the major media outlets to sniff the scent left behind as 'The Cycle' cements itself in rock history, sure there is room for improvement, especially in the volume department, but apart from that the band sheds out some slick sick and savage sounds.

Download This: 'In The Light'

'Medicate The Night'

On 13th May 2013, South Wales will experience an earthquake, no not another Metalcore band trying to be the next Bullet For My Valentine, but rather a new rock release. Milestone the four-piece rock 'n' roll boy-band are preparing to unleash their debut EP 'Medicate The Night' upon the masses, listeners can expect to hear classic rock sounds derived from the likes of the Foo Fighters that seem to sound out across the entire release, whilst the atmosphere that is set in motion covers the entire room with the feeling of getting down, dirty and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels. After all, 'Medicate The Night' should cast new light on the region and for the band, shine a light to join the league of exciting British rock bands in the year 2013.

'Medicate The Night' will be out on Monday 13th May through all digital outlets.


Chelmsford Pop Punk / Power Pop maestros The Hype Theory have the honor of releasing their latest single 'Heartsick', continuing on their powerful ballad like sound manufactured over the years, this is a promising sign that their next album will be the apocalypse many alike will be waiting for. With angelic vocals that can only equate to the power experienced in a tornado outbreak, the music follows suit with fist-punching beats and slashing riffs that together added with the vocals, concoct to make The Hype Theory. 'Heartsick' shows the lighter side of the band also towards the end with the faint fading of an acoustic guitar that just adds another dimension to this sensational group.


'Heartsick' is out 22nd April via digital outlets

Fans can pre-order the single here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/heartsick-single/id627696605?uo=4

The band's second album
"Captives" is to be released 27th May and a free album release show will follow 3 days after.